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The Death Spiral of Coal in the U.S. Will Changes in U.S. Policy Turn the Tide?

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Roman Mendelevitch, Christian Hauenstein, Franziska Holz

In: Climate Policy 19 (2019), 10, S. 1310-1324


The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has promised to stop the ongoing spiralling down of the U.S. coal industry. We discuss the origins of the decline and assess the effects of policy interventions by the Trump administration. We find that, with fierce competition from natural gas and renewables, a further decrease of coal consumption must be expected by the old and inefficient U.S. coal-fired electricity generation fleet. By contrast, we consider the overly optimistic (for coal producers) view of the U.S. Energy Information Agency, and test whether the tide for the U.S. coal industry could turn as a result of three potential support measures: (i) revoking the Clean Power Plan (CPP); (ii) facilitating access to the booming Asian market; and (iii) enhanced support for Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage (CCTS) technology. We investigate the short-term and long-term effects on U.S. coal production using a comprehensive partial equilibrium model of the world steam coal market, COALMOD-World (Holz, Haftendorn, Mendelevitch, & von Hirschhausen, 2016 Holz, F., Haftendorn, C., Mendelevitch, R., & von Hirschhausen, C. (2016). DIW Berlin: A model of the international steam coal market (COALMOD-World). DIW Data Documentation 85. Berlin: DIW Berlin. Retrieved fromhttp://www.diw.de/documents/publikationen/73/diw_01.c.546364.de/diw_datadoc_2016-085.pdf [Google Scholar]). We find that revoking the CPP could stop the downward trend of steam coal consumption in the U.S., but even allowing for additional exports, will not lead to a return of U.S. coal production to the levels of the 2000s, that is, over 900 Mt per year. When global steam coal use is aligned with the 2°C climate target, U.S. steam coal production drops to around 100 Mt per year by 2030 and below 50 Mt by 2050, even if CCTS is available and exports via the U.S. West Coast is possible.

Franziska Holz

Deputy Head of Department in the Energy, Transportation, Environment Department

Keywords: U.S. coal sector, Trump administration, clean power plan, steam coal, coal ports, CCS