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Notes about Comparing Long-Term Care Expenditures across Countries: Comment on "Financing Long-Term Care: Lessons from Japan"

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Johannes Geyer

In: International Journal of Health Policy and Management 9 (2020), 2, S. 80-82


The comparison of long-term care (LTC) expenditures is a difficult task. National LTC systems differ widely in terms of eligibility criteria, level of benefits, institutional variety and regional heterogeneity. In this commentary I will first give some general remarks on cross country comparisons. Then I discuss the role of the informal sector which is the most important pillar of all LTC systems. I conclude with some background on current developments in Germany. Different from Japan Germany is extending its LTC insurance instead of containing costs.

Johannes Geyer

Deputy Head in the Public Economics Department

Keywords: Long-term Care, Social Insurance, International Comparison, Public Expenditures

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