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  • Diskussionspapiere 1108 / 2011

    The Effect of Prenatal Stress on Birth Weight: Evidence from the al-Aqsa Intifada

    No previous study has attempted to estimate the effect of intrauterine exposure to armed conflict, a potential source of stress, on pregnancy outcomes. Drawing on data from the 2004 Palestinian Demographic and Health Survey, we examine the relationship between fatalities caused by Israeli security forces (a measure of conflict intensity) and birth weight. Our estimates suggest that first-trimester ...

    2011| Hani Mansour, Daniel I. Rees
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Changes in Compulsory Schooling and the Causal Effect of Education on Health: Evidence from Germany

    In this paper we investigate the causal effect of years of schooling on health and health-related behavior in West Germany. We apply an instrumental variables approach using as natural experiments several changes in compulsory schooling laws between 1949 and 1969. These law changes generate exogenous variation in years of schooling both across states and over time. We find evidence for a strong and ...

    In: Journal of Health Economics 30 (2011), 2, S. 340-354 | Daniel Kemptner, Hendrik Jürges, Steffen Reinhold
  • SOEPpapers 386 / 2011

    Using Geographically Referenced Data on Environmental Exposures for Public Health Research: A Feasibility Study Based on the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)

    Background: In panel datasets information on environmental exposures is scarce. Thus, our goal was to probe the use of area-wide geographically referenced data for air pollution from an external data source in the analysis of physical health. Methods: The study population comprised SOEP respondents in 2004 merged with exposures for NO2, PM10 and O3 based on a multi-year reanalysis of the EURopean Air ...

    2011| Sven Voigtländer, Jan Goebel, Thomas Claßen, Michael Wurm, Ursula Berger, Achim Strunk, Hendrik Elbern
  • Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 1 / 2011

    Anmerkungen zur Zukunft der Sozialpolitik

    Die deutsche Sozialpolitik steht vor enormen Herausforderungen. Die gesetzlichen Renten-, Kranken- und Pflegeversicherungen stehen nicht zuletzt wegen des absehbar starken demographischen Wandels unter Druck. In Zukunft werden immer mehr Leistungsempfängern immer weniger Beitragszahler gegenüber stehen. Die Politik ist gefordert, einem drohenden Generationenkonflikt entgegenzuwirken. In diesem Beitrag ...

    2011| Ulrich Roppel
  • Externe Monographien

    Assessing the Effectiveness of Health Care Cost Containment Measures

    Bonn: IZA, 2011, 32 S.
    (Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 5602)
    | Nicolas R. Ziebarth
  • Externe referierte Aufsätze

    Infant Mortality and Adult Stature in Spain

    This paper presents new evidence concerning the relationship between environmental conditions in the year of birth (as reflected in the infant mortality rate (IMR) and gross domestic product per capita) and adult health (adult height). We perform an analysis across Spanish regions for cohorts born between 1961 and 1980, a period when the country underwent a socio-economic and political transformation. ...

    In: Social Science & Medicine 72 (2011), 11, S. 1893-1903 | Carlos Bozzoli, Mariano Bosch, Climent Quintana-Domeque
  • SOEPpapers 355 / 2011

    Long-Term Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Control

    Perceived control plays an important role in shaping development throughout adulthood and old age. Using data from the adult lifespan sample of the national German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP; N > 10,000, covering 25 years of measurement), we explored long-term antecedents, correlates, and outcomes of perceived control and examined if associations differ with age. Targeting correlates and antecedents ...

    2011| Frank J. Infurna, Denis Gerstorf, Nilam Ram, Jürgen Schupp, Gert G. Wagner
  • Data Documentation 54 / 2011

    Handgreifkraftmessung im Sozio-oekonomischen Panel (SOEP) 2006 und 2008

    2011| Jens Ambrasat, Jürgen Schupp
  • SOEPpapers 352 / 2011

    Assessing the Effectiveness of Health Care Cost Containment Measures

    Using SOEP panel data and difference-in-differences methods, this study is the first to empirically evaluate the effectiveness of four different health care cost containment measures within an integrated framework. The four measures investigated were introduced in Germany in 1997 to reduce moral hazard and public health expenditures in the market for convalescent care. Doubling the daily copayments ...

    2011| Nicolas R. Ziebarth
  • Weitere externe Aufsätze

    Health Correlates of Pet Ownership from National Surveys

    In: Peggy McCardle, Sandra McCune, James A. Griffin, Valerie Maholmes (Eds.) , How Animals Affect Us
    Richmond, Va : American Psychological Association
    S. 153-162
    | Bruce Headey, Markus M. Grabka
1414 Ergebnisse, ab 1101