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BCCP Distinguished Seminar: Jean Tirole (TSE)

Speaker:Jean Tirole, Toulouse School of Economics    Organized by: Berlin Centre of Consumer Policies (BCCP)

Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

Performance, Competition and Corporate Social Responsibility in Organisations

Abstract: We examine experimentally the impact of corporate social responsibility techniques on individuals’ performance and willingness to compete. Our baseline treatment adopts the Niederle-Vesterlund (2007) paradigm whereby individuals perform a task under piece-rate and tournament incentives, followed by an opportunity to determine which of the two payment schemes they prefer. In our...

13.09.2019| Michaelis Drouvelis, University of Birmingham
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

2D:4D and Economic Preferences in a Large Representative Sample of Germans

Over the last decade, there has been a growing interest in the association between 2D:4D, a putative marker for prenatal testosterone exposure, and economic preferences. The results are mixed, and part of the inconclusiveness may come from the typically limited sample sizes as well as the many “researcher degrees of freedom” in the analysis. To firmly test if 2D:4D is associated...

17.07.2019| Levent Neyse
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

Which preferences cause horizontral sex segregation in fields of studies? Some experimental evidence

Occupational gender segregation is one of the most persistent gender inequalities in the labor market and one contributing factor is the lack of women in STEM fields. Possible explanations for this pattern are the characteristics of the fields of study (creative-associative versus analytical-systematic thinking style required, the number of mathematics courses, competitive atmosphere), and...

19.06.2019| Benita Combet, LMU München
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

Residential Segregation and Charitable Giving to Refugees

A large corpus of literature investigates how the presence of ethnic and economic out-group affects pro-social behavior. However, some long-standing theoretical controversies have not yet been resolved and empirical results are mixed. On the one hand, researchers associated with social identity and group-threat theories argue that out-group presence will drive down the pro-social behavior...

05.06.2019| Zbignev Gricevic

Die Persönlichkeit von Geflüchteten entscheidet mit darüber, wie gut Integration gelingt

Eine erhöhte Bereitschaft Risiken einzugehen, Gefälligkeiten zu erwidern sowie die Überzeugung, das eigene Leben im Griff zu haben führen dazu, dass Geflüchtete schneller in Deutschland Fuß fassen. Geflüchtete, die risikobereiter sind, eher Gefälligkeiten erwidern und stärker als andere davon überzeugt sind, das eigene Leben im Griff zu haben, integrieren ...


A refugee’s personality is one of the factors which decides how successful integration is

An increased willingness to take risks, reciprocating friendliness, and a conviction that they are in control of their own lives lead to refugees gaining a foothold in Germany faster.   Refugees who are more willing to take risks, who tend to reciprocate friendliness, and who are more strongly convinced than others are that they are in control of their lives integrate into society faster. This ...

SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

Erwartungen an Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft - eine innovative Langfristbefragung zu sozialen Gerechtigkeitseinstellungen

Es wird mehr und mehr klar, dass die subjektive Wahrnehmung und Bewertung objektiver Ungleichheiten als 'gerecht' oder 'ungerecht' eine Schlüsselrolle für ihre Reproduktion und Auswirkungen spielen. Das LINOS-Projekt unter Leitung von Stefan Liebig untersucht, wie und warum die strukturellen Bedingungen, in denen Individuen eingebunden sind, diese Gerechtigkeitseinstellungen...

24.04.2019| Jule Adriaans, Philipp Eisnecker
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