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Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Resurrecting the New-Keynesian Model: (Un)conventional Policy and the Taylor rule

07.01.2020| Olaf Posch, Universität Hamburg
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Inflation Expectations and the Recovery from the Great Depression in Germany

A regime shift toward increased inflation expectations is credited with jump-starting the recov- ery from the Great Depression in the United States. What role did inflation expectations play in Germany that experienced a similarly successful economic upturn in the 1930s? We study infla- tion expectations in the German recovery across several methods: we conduct a narrative study of media sources; we

In: Explorations in Economic History 75 (2020), 101305, 18 S. | Volker Daniel, Lucas ter Steege
DIW Wochenbericht 12 / 2020

Preisstabilität und Klimarisiken: Was im Rahmen der Strategierevision der Europäischen Zentralbank sinnvoll ist

Bis zum Jahresende 2020 will die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) die Ergebnisse ihrer aktuellen Strategieüberprüfung vorlegen. Welche Änderungen sind zu erwarten und was wäre wünschenswert? Der vorliegende Bericht beschäftigt sich mit zwei Bereichen der Überprüfung. Erstens werden Alternativen zur jetzigen Definition der Preisstabilität diskutiert. Aktuelle Studien und Praktiken anderer

2020| Franziska Bremus, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Thore Schlaak
Diskussionspapiere 1854 / 2020

The Dynamic Impact of FX Interventions on Financial Markets

Evidence on the effectiveness of FX interventions is either limited to short horizons or hampered by debatable identification. We address these limitations by identifying a structural vector autoregressive model for the daily frequency with an external instrument. Generally, we find, for freely floating currencies, that FX intervention shocks significantly affect exchange rates and that this

2020| Lukas Menkhoff, Malte Rieth, Tobias Stöhr
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Neue Ziele braucht die EZB

In: Der Tagesspiegel (11.03.2020), S. 14 | Geraldine Dany-Knedlik
DIW Wochenbericht 11 / 2020

Zwei-Prozent-Marke: Neue Ziele braucht die EZB: Kommentar

2020| Geraldine Dany-Knedlik
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Unconventional Monetary Policy, Fiscal Side Effects, and Euro Area (Im)balances

We study the macroeconomic effects of unconventional monetary policy in the euro area using structural vector autoregressions, identified with external instruments. The instruments are based on the common unexpected variation in euro area sovereign yields for different maturities on policy announcement days. We first show that expansionary monetary surprises are effective at lowering public and

In: Journal of the European Economic Association 18 (2020), 1, S. 202-231 | Michael Hachula, Michele Piffer, Malte Rieth
Diskussionspapiere 1841 / 2020

Is Monetary Policy Gender Neutral? Evidence from the Stock Market

We use US household survey data from 2001-2017 to investigate whether monetary policy has heterogeneous effects on women's and men's financial portfolio decisions by analyzing their equity investment. On the one hand, monetary policy significantly affects the entry decisions of women, but not of men: after a contractionary shock, the probability of women entering the stock market decreases. On the

2020| Caterina Forti Grazzini, Chi Hyun Kim
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Unconventional Monetary Policy, Fiscal Side Effects and Euro Area (Im)balances

In: Journal of the European Economic Association (2020), im Ersch. | Michael Hachula, Michele Piffer, Malte Rieth
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The Impact of ECB Policy on Structural Reforms

We estimate the impact of monetary policy on structural reform adoption in the euro area. We identify exogenous ECB policy changes through an event study that extracts the unexpected variation in euro area interest rates on policy announcement days. We find that surprise monetary expansions increase the number of reforms significantly and that the effect is stronger for countries with weaker

In: European Economic Review 122 (2020), 103361, 20 S. | Malte Rieth, Jana Wittlich
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