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A proposal for a Covid Credit Line

It is in the interest of every EU member state that countries in the Union hit by the coronavirus are able to take the necessary measures to control the pandemic and deal with the economic consequences without being constrained, and to do so very quickly. This column proposes a Covid credit line in the European Stability Mechanism, with allocation across member states proportionate to the severity ...

23.03.2020| Marcel Fratzscher
DIW Europe Lecture

6. DIW Europe Lecture - Die Europäische Währungsunion - die Unvollendete? [Abgesagt]

Leider ist die Veranstaltung abgesagt. Sobald ein neuer Termin feststeht, wird er hier auf der Webseite bekannt gegeben.  Dr. Jens Weidmann, Präsident der Deutschen Bundesbank, hält die Keynote "Die Europäische Währungsunion - die Unvollendete?" im Rahmen der 6. DIW Europe Lecture. Die Veranstaltung wird von Professor Marcel Fratzscher, Präsident des DIW Berlin,...

19.03.2020| Dr. Jens Weidmann

Call for Papers: Determinants of Non-cash payments and alternative money

Conference in Bremen, June, 16th, 2020 and Quarterly Journal of Economic Research (DIW Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung) Description Advances in payment technologies have considerably extended the way how we pay for transactions. While the majority of financial transactions has been even traditionally done by the means of non-cash (e.g. equity payments in mergers & acquisitions), nowadays ...

05.03.2020| Dorothea Schäfer

Präsentation des Papers: What Moves Treasury Yields?

We characterize the joint dynamics of a large number of macroeconomic variables and Treasury yields in a dynamic factor model. We use this framework to identify a yield curve news shock as an innovation that does not move yields contemporaneously but explains a maximum share of the forecast error variance of yields over the next two years. This shock explains more than half, and along with a...

04.03.2020| Prof. Dr. Emanuel Mönch, Deutsche Bundesbank

DIW Lecture on Money and Finance: Monetary Policy in the Modern Era

26.02.2020| Veranstaltungsrückblick
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Sudden Stops and Reserve Accumulation in the Presence of International Liquidity Risk

11.02.2020| Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg, Vienna Graduate School of Economics
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

Sentimental Business Cycles

04.02.2020| Evi Pappa, Universidad Carlos III Madrid
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

The Real Effects of Distressed Bank Mergers

28.01.2020| Valeriya Dinger, Universität Osnabrück
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