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  • DIW Weekly Report 4/5 / 2024

    The Energy Transition in France: Expansion of Renewables Stalling, Good Progress on Heat Pumps

    The energy transition is a major challenge for both Germany and France. This Weekly Report provides an overview of the short- and long-term goals as well as current developments and trends in France’s energy and climate policy. It reveals that France is largely on track with its greenhouse gases targets and is also making good progress on installing heat pumps. However, its expansion of renewable energy ...

    2024| Adeline Guéret, Wolf-Peter Schill
  • Externe Monographien

    Highway Infrastructure and its Maintenance: Economic Effects on Regions and Firms in Germany: Dissertation

    Während Verkehrsinfrastruktur eine wichtige Rolle für die Entwicklung von Unternehmen und Regionen spielt, ist die Forschung zu den wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen ihrer Instandhaltung äußerst spärlich. Diese Dissertation schließt diese Lücke vor dem Hintergrund, dass Unternehmen in Deutschland den Zustand der Straßen zunehmend als unzureichend empfinden. Erstens wird der Einfluss verschiedener Agglomerations- ...

    Berlin: Technische Universität Dresden, 2024, VIII, 122 S. | Dennis Gaus
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Shared Pooled Mobility: Expert Review from Nine Disciplines and Implications for an Emerging Transdisciplinary Research Agenda

    Shared pooled mobility has been hailed as a sustainable mobility solution that uses digital innovation to efficiently bundle rides. Multiple disciplines have started investigating and analyzing shared pooled mobility systems. However, there is a lack of cross-community communication making it hard to build upon knowledge from other fields or know which open questions may be of interest to other fields. ...

    In: Environmental Research Letters 19 (2024), 5, 053004, 20 S. | Felix Creutzig, Alexander Schmaus, Eva Ayaragarnchanakul, Sophia Becker, Giacomo Falchetta, Jiawei Hu, Mirko Goletz, Adeline Guéret, Kai Nagel, Jonas Schild, Wolf-Peter Schill, Tilmann Schlenther, Nora Molkenthin
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Avoid, Shift or Improve Passenger Transport? Impacts on the Energy System

    In: Energy Strategy Reviews 52 (2024), 101302, 14 S. | Marlin Arnz, Leonard Göke, Johannes Thema, Frauke Wiese, Niklas Wulff, Mario Kendziorski, Karlo Hainsch, Philipp Blechinger, Christian von Hirschhausen
  • DIW Wochenbericht 4 / 2024

    Energiewende in Frankreich: Ausbau Erneuerbarer stockt, gute Fortschritte bei Wärmepumpen

    Wie für Deutschland stellt die Energiewende auch für Frankreich eine große Herausforderung dar. Dieser Bericht gibt einen Überblick über die kurz- und langfristigen Ziele sowie die derzeitigen Entwicklungen und Trends der Energie- und Klimapolitik in Frankreich. Es zeigt sich, dass die Treibhausgasemissionen derzeit weitgehend auf dem Zielpfad liegen. Auch die Installation von Wärmepumpen kommt gut ...

    2024| Adeline Guéret, Wolf-Peter Schill
  • DIW Wochenbericht 4 / 2024

    Energiewende in Deutschland und Frankreich mit Unterschieden und Gemeinsamkeiten: Interview

    2024| Adeline Guéret, Erich Wittenberg
  • Nicht-referierte Aufsätze

    Data Fusion to Compensate for Insufficient Survey Coverage: Example of the German National PKT-Model

    This paper presents a data fusion approach combining German National Travel Survey data with aggregate transport indicators such as passenger counts in order to generate annual passenger kilometers travelled (PKT) for the German National Transport Statistics. To cover all travel adequately, the model combines two MiD data sets (a 24-hour-trip diary and an overnight journey questionnaire) and includes ...

    In: Transportation Research Procedia 76 (2024), S. 491-504 | Tobias Kuhnimhof, Katja Köhler, Christine Eisenmann, Uwe Kunert, Sabine Radke
  • Weitere referierte Aufsätze

    Power Sector Effects of Alternative Options for De-fossilizing Heavy-duty Vehicles - Go Electric, and Charge Smartly

    Various options are discussed to de-fossilize heavy-duty vehicles, including battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), electric road systems (ERS), and indirect electrification via hydrogen fuel cells or e-fuels. We investigate their power sector implications in future scenarios of Germany, with high renewable energy shares, using an open- source capacity expansion model and route-based truck traffic data. ...

    In: Cell Reports Sustainability [im Ersch.], 100123 | Carlos Gaete-Morales, Julius Jöhrens, Florian Heining, Wolf-Peter Schill
  • Diskussionspapiere 2086 / 2024

    Spatial Competition and Pass-through of Fuel Taxes – Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in Germany

    This paper analyses the pass-through rates and their determinants of the temporary German fuel discount in 2022 at its start and its termination. Based on a unique dataset of fuel station characteristics and prices, we employ a Regression Discontinuity in Time (RDiT) methodology to estimate heterogeneous pass-through rates. Our main contribution is to identify the impact of horizontal and vertical ...

    2024| Frederik von Waldow, Heike Link
  • DIW aktuell

    Mixed mid-term review for German traffic light coali-tion in the energy transition; significant effort needed to achieve targets

    December 13, 2023 – The German traffic light coalition began its term two years ago with ambitious energy policy goals. Halfway through the legislative period, its track record is mixed. Good progress has been made in some areas, but in others a large gap between targets and the status quo remains. The Ampel-Monitor Energiewende by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) shows...

    14.12.2023| Adeline Guéret, Alexander Roth, Wolf-Peter Schill, Felix Schmidt
743 Ergebnisse, ab 1