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Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

What Drives Green Capabilities? Evidence from German Firm-level Data

Germany is leading in green competitiveness of its product exports. Deploying the green economic complexity methodology using German AFiD firm-level micro data, this study seeks to analyze explanatory variables for this trend such as green R&D subsidies and subnational density of related green technologies in the light of path dependencies in firms accumulation of green capabilities. It...

12.03.2021| Nils Handler, DIW Berlin

Wir brauchen Zukunfts- statt Brückentechnologien

Dieser Beitrag von Claudia Kemfert erschien am 8.1.2021 im Handelsblatt., Im Brückentechnologietheater steht mit fossilem Erdgas in der Hauptrolle die nächste Inszenierung an. Notwendig sind wirkungsvolle und vor allem nachhaltige Investitionen., Was war nicht alles schon Brückentechnologie! Kernkraft, Braunkohle und Steinkohle waren als Brücken angeblich unverzichtbar, und auch ...


The European and German Natural Gas Market in the Short and Long Run: Report on the Finalization and Commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project

In this report, the role of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project for the German and the European natural gas market was investigated in the short run and the long run. In the short run, no supply gap can be identified that would justify the speedy finalization of construction works on the Nord Stream 2 project. In the long run, there is no need for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline due to the German and...

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Energie, Verkehr, Umwelt

Die kurz- und langfristige Bedarfsentwicklung im deutschen und europäischen Erdgasmarkt: Stellungnahme zur Fertigstellung und Inbetriebnahme des Nord Stream 2 Pipeline-Projekts

Im Rahmen eines Kurzgutachtens wurde die Bedeutung der Nord Stream 2 Pipeline für den deutschen und europäischen Erdgasmarkt kurz- und langfristig eingeordnet. Es wurde gezeigt, dass kurzfristig keine Deckungslücke in der Erdgasversorgung besteht, die eine zügige Fertigstellung des Nord Stream 2 Projekts notwendig machen würde. Langfristig besteht aufgrund der...

Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Energie, Verkehr, Umwelt
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A Real Chance for Transatlantic Partnership on Climate Policy

In: Intereconomics 56 (2021), 1, S. 20-22 | Claudia Kemfert
Diskussionspapiere 1931 / 2021

A Retrospective Study of State Aid Control in the German Broadband Market

We provide an evaluation of the impact of public subsidy schemes that aimed to support the development of basic broadband infrastructure in rural areas of Germany. Such subsidies are subject to state aid control by the European Commission (EC). While the EC increasingly recognises the role of economic analysis in controlling public aid to companies, there are to date no full retrospective studies performed ...

2021| Tomaso Duso, Mattia Nardotto, Jo Seldeslachts
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The U.S. Coal Sector between Shale Gas and Renewables: Last Resort Coal Exports?

Coal consumption and production have sharply declined in recent years in the U.S., despite political support. Reasons are mostly unfavorable economic conditions for coal, including competition from natural gas and renewables in the power sector, as well as an aging coal-fired power plant fleet. Nevertheless, coal remains a major energy source in the North American energy markets. Supplementing EMF34 ...

In: Energy Policy 149 (2021), 112097, 13 S. | Christian Hauenstein, Franziska Holz
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