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  • DIW Wochenbericht 19 / 2024

    Warum sich der Gasnetz-Rückbau wirtschaftlich lohnt: Kommentar

    2024| Claudia Kemfert, Jan Rosenow
  • DIW Weekly Report 15 / 2024

    A Renewable Energy Pool Brings Benefits of Energy Transition to Consumers

    German companies view high and uncertain electricity prices a major challenge. A Renewable Energy Pool (RE-Pool), wherein the favorable conditions of competitive tenders for new wind and solar power projects are passed on to electricity consumers, could hedge such price risks. Consumers’ electricity prices are thus hedged for the share of their consumption that corresponds to the RE-Pool’s generation ...

    2024| Karsten Neuhoff, Mats Kröger, Leon Stolle
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Assessing the Social and Environmental Impacts of Critical Mineral Supply Chains for the Energy Transition in Europe

    Advanced technologies are inherently dependent on critical minerals and their related metals. The mining extraction of these critical minerals leads to significant social and environmental impacts that extend beyond the regions where those advanced technologies are ultimately used. This study explores the global socio-environmental challenges arising from the European Climate Law's aim for net-zero ...

    In: Global Environmental Change 86 (2024), 102841, 18 S. | Etienne Berthet, Julien Lavalley, Candy Anquetil-Deck, Fernanda Ballesteros, Konstantin Stadler, Ugur Soytas, Michael Hauschild, Alexis Laurent
  • DIW Wochenbericht 15 / 2024

    Ein Erneuerbare-Energien-Pool lässt Verbraucher*innen an den Vorteilen der Energiewende teilhaben

    Hohe und unsichere Stromkosten werden von der deutschen Wirtschaft als große Herausforderungen angesehen. Über einen Erneuerbare-Energien-Pool (EE-Pool) könnten derartige Preisrisiken mittelfristig abgesichert werden. Im Poolkonzept werden die günstigen Konditionen wettbewerblicher Ausschreibungen für neue Windkraft- und Solarprojekte an die Stromverbraucher*innen weitergegeben. Die Strompreise der ...

    2024| Karsten Neuhoff, Mats Kröger, Leon Stolle
  • DIW Wochenbericht 15 / 2024

    Durch das Poolkonzept werden Strompreisschwankungen reduziert: Interview

    2024| Mats Kröger, Erich Wittenberg
  • DIW Weekly Report 19/20 / 2024

    Thermal Retrofitting of Worst Performing Buildings Mitigates Risk of High Heating Costs

    The pace of thermal retrofit of buildings in Germany remains slow. A Worst-First approach, prioritizing the retrofit of inefficient buildings, would address energy- and social policy objectives and deliver economic and climate benefits. Data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) show how such an approach would protect especially low-income households often living in very inefficient buildings ...

    2024| Sophie Behr, Merve Kücük, Maximilian Longmuir, Karsten Neuhoff
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Renewable Energy and Equilibrium Hedging in Electricity Forward Markets

    We study the impact of renewable energy on forward markets for electricity. Previous literature shows that forward prices are determined by time-varying demand and volatile spot prices. We introduce supply risk from renewable generation and find that stochastic renewable output mitigates income risk for generating firms, in particular when negative shocks to renewable output have large positive price ...

    In: The Energy Journal (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-06-03] | Sebastian Schwenen, Karsten Neuhoff
  • DIW Weekly Report 21 / 2024

    Sanctions against Russian Gas Would Not Endanger EU or German Gas Supply

    As a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, natural gas prices skyrocketed in 2022 and Germany in particular felt the impact of its strong dependency on Russia. Prices have since relaxed, the European natural gas industry has overcome the uncertainty due to the energy crisis in 2022, and the industry also survived the slump in Russian natural gas imports without supply interruptions. However, Russia ...

    2024| Franziska Holz, Lukas Barner, Claudia Kemfert, Christian von Hirschhausen
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Bridges over Troubled Waters: Climate Clubs, Alliances, and Partnerships as Safeguards for Effective International Cooperation?

    Driven by the motivation to raise the ambition level of climate action and to foster the transformation of economies, current climate policy discourse revolves around ways to improve cooperation between industrialized countries and emerging economies. We identify three broad types of initiatives—multilateral-cross sectoral, multilateral, sector specific, and climate and development partnerships—and ...

    In: International Environmental Agreements (2024), im Ersch. [online first.: 2024-05-07] | Heiner von Luepke, Karsten Neuhoff, Catherine Marchewitz
  • Future Power Market Platform

    Workshop "How can individual MS or groups of MS pilot locational pricing?"

    Objective With the strong emphasis on the energy only market reflected in the winter package - we want to revisit hedging and futures markets as the key element for a functioning energy-only market. In particular, we are interested to explore how they will likely evolve in a 2030 perspective with increasing shares of wind and solar power and complementing flexibility options in the system (such...

505 Ergebnisse, ab 11