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DIW Economic Bulletin 1 / 2011

Opening the Electricity Market to Renewable Energy: Making Better Use of the Grid

Opening the electricity market to renewable energy sources would create flexibility for the further integration of renewable energy, leading to considerably lower costs and emissions. This requires the electricity markets to be reorganized in three ways. Firstly, most trading, and therefore production decision-making, is completed at least one day prior to electricity production. But it must be possible ...

2011| Karsten Neuhoff

Network Extension Requirements for an Enhanced RES Deployment: D13 Report

Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, 2011, 52 S.
(RE-Shaping: Shaping an Effective and Efficient European Renewable Energy Market)
| Christian Nabe, Karsten Neuhoff, Rodney Boyd, Georgios Papaefthymiou, André Ortner
Diskussionspapiere 1154 / 2011

Facilitating Low-Carbon Investments: Lessons from Natural Gas

Decarbonisation of energy and transport infrastructure requires significant private sector investments. The natural gas industry has demonstrated such large scale private sector infrastructure investment over the last decades, typically using long-term contractual arrangements. Are therefore institutional frameworks necessary that facilitate long-term contracting or provide regulation reassuring about ...

2011| Anne Neumann, Karsten Neuhoff
DIW Wochenbericht 20 / 2011

Öffnung des Strommarktes für erneuerbare Energien: das Netz muss besser genutzt werden

Die Öffnung des Strommarktes für erneuerbare Energien würde Flexibilität für die weitere Integration erneuerbarer Energien schaffen und zu erheblichen Einsparungen von Kosten und Emissionen führen. Dafür müssen die Strommärkte in dreierlei Hinsicht anders organisiert werden: Erstens erfolgen bisher die meisten Handelsaktivitäten - und damit auch die Produktionsentscheidungen - spätestens am Vortag ...

2011| Karsten Neuhoff
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