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Thema Wettbewerb und Regulierung

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  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Venture Capital in Diabetes: A Yes to Big Hits, a No to Competition

    Venture capital (VC) is often seen as an instrumental tool that allows many start-ups to pursue innovation with the potential to shake-up current markets and/or to replace incumbents. Using a highly granular, project-level dataset from preclinical diabetes R&D, this paper shows that VCs actively steer the direction of R&D and streamline activities of research focused firms (pipeline firms)...

    02.07.2021| Jan Málek, DIW Berlin and KU Leuven
  • Video

    BCCP Online Panel 2021: Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets: the Digital Markets Act

    This year’s online conference is focusing on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the EU legislative proposal to regulate digital markets in order to prevent abuses of market power. This regulatory tool contains behavioral obligations for large online platforms (‘gatekeepers’) aimed at reducing entry barriers and ensuring fairness in the relationship between digital platforms and their different user...

    30.06.2021| Veranstaltungsrückblick
  • Personalie

    Tomaso Duso in Lenkungsausschuss von "CEPR Competition Policy RPN" berufen

    Tomaso Duso wurde als eines von vier Mitgliedern in den Lenkungsausschuss des neu gegründeten CEPR Competition Policy Research & Policy Network berufen. Das CEPR Competition Policy RPN hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, eine führende Plattform für die kritische Diskussion über Gestaltung und Durchführung von Wettbewerbspolitik zu werden. Das RPN will ein Netzwerk, bestehend aus ...

  • Personalie

    Tomaso Duso appointed to steering committee of new research network "CEPR Competition Policy RPN"

    Tomaso Duso was appointed as one of the four members of the steering committee of the newly founded CEPR Competition Policy Research & Policy Network. The purpose of the CEPR Competition Policy RPN is to become a leading platform for the critical discussion of competition policy design and outcomes. The RPN seeks to create a network of academics and enforcers to evaluate both influential decisions ...

  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy – Focus on Electro-intensive Firms

    The European Commission commissioned an international consortium including the DIW Berlin with a background study on State aid in the field of environmental protection and energy. The results of the study are meant to support the Commission in the revision of the EU Guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy (EEAG). One key focus of the study was to assess the current rules...

    21.05.2021| Joanna Piechucka, DIW Berlin
  • Audio

    Durch Marktkonzentration erhalten Unternehmen einen größeren Teil vom Kuchen : Interview mit Tomaso Duso

    19.05.2021| Wochenberichtsinterview
  • Pressemitteilung

    Mit Roaming gegen Funklöcher: Wie der Netzausbau in ländlichen Regionen gelingen kann

    Studie zum Mobilfunknetzausbau in dünn besiedelten Regionen vergleicht drei Kooperationsmodelle – Weniger Kosten für Anbieter bei umfassendem Network Sharing, aber geringere Netzabdeckung – KonsumentInnen profitieren am stärksten von Roaming-Abkommen – Gebietsabsprachen zwischen Anbietern erhöhen Netzabdeckung – Behörden könnten Roaming-Abkommen ...

  • Audio

    Auch die Anbieter profitieren vom Roaming: Interview mit Pio Baake

    28.04.2021| Wochenberichtsinterview
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    What Drives Green Capabilities? Evidence from German Firm-level Data

    Germany is leading in green competitiveness of its product exports. Deploying the green economic complexity methodology using German AFiD firm-level micro data, this study seeks to analyze explanatory variables for this trend such as green R&D subsidies and subnational density of related green technologies in the light of path dependencies in firms accumulation of green capabilities. It...

    12.03.2021| Nils Handler, DIW Berlin
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    The rise of common ownership: Europe vs the US

    Common ownership - when an investor holds shares in two companies - has recently attracted significant attention from policy-makers and researchers, studying mainly US firms. European firms, however, are different as top investors with large stakes, like governments, founding families and foundations are much more prevalent. This paper takes a well-known common ownership measure derived from...

    05.03.2021| Nuria Boot, DIW Berlin and KU Leuven
445 Ergebnisse, ab 41