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  • Diskussionspapiere 1310 / 2013

    Ex-Post Merger Evaluation in the UK Retail Market for Books

    This paper empirically evaluates the price effects of the merger of two major book retail chains in the UK: Waterstone's and Ottakar's. We employ differences-in-differences techniques and use a rich dataset containing monthly scanner data information on a sample of 200 books sold in 60 stores in 50 different local markets for a period of four years around the merger. Since retail mergers may have either ...

    2013| Luca Aguzzoni, Elena Argentesi, Lorenzo Ciari, Tomaso Duso, Massimo Tognoni
  • Externe Monographien

    Efficiency Analysis in Public Service Provision: Addressing Characteristics and Specificities Related to the Public Sector and Regulation ; Dissertation

    The government has been and remains crucial in providing goods and services in modern-day economies. However, the manner of this provision is complex and touches upon numerous areas of economic and social policy. Government action plays an especially central role for services of general interest, as well as in the regulation of their provision by the private sector. Thus, the efficient and effective ...

    Berlin: Technische Universität, 2012, XII, 147 S. | Maria Nieswand
  • Externe Monographien

    Die Nachfrage nach Primär- und Sekundärrohstoffen der Steine-und-Erden-Industrie bis 2030 in Deutschland

    Berlin: bbs, 2012, 91 S. | Fritz Schwarzkopp, Jochen Drescher, Martin Gornig, Jürgen Blazejczak
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Mergers & Acquisitions and Innovation Performance in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry

    The worldwide telecommunications equipment industry has experienced an enormous number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This article examines the innovation determinants of M&A activity and the consequences of M&A on technological potential and innovation performance. We extend the resource-based theory in elucidating external technology sourcing and provide empirical evidence on the keen reliance ...

    In: Industrial and Corporate Change 21 (2012), 2, S. 277-314 | Tseveen Gantumur, Andreas Stephan
  • Referierte Aufsätze Web of Science

    Benchmarking and Firm Heterogeneity: A Latent Class Analysis for German Electricity Distribution Companies

    In January 2009, the German Federal Network Agency introduced incentive regulation for the electricity distribution sector based on results obtained from econometric and nonparametric benchmarking analysis. One main problem for the regulator in assigning the relative efficiency scores is unobserved firm-specific factors such as network and technological differences. Comparing the efficiency of different ...

    In: Empirical Economics 42 (2012), 1, S. 147-169 | Astrid Cullmann
  • Diskussionspapiere 1150 / 2011

    Industry-Specific Knowledge Spurs Productivity: An Application of Panel Cointegration

    Using data for 14 OECD countries and 13 sectors for the period 1985-2004, this paper analyzes the significance of the linkage between channels of international knowledge spillovers and total factor productivity. We distinguish between domestic and international intra- and inter-sectoral spillover sources. Patent applications are exploited to estimate the contribution of technology transfer to industrial ...

    2011| Petra Zloczysti
  • DIW Wochenbericht 32 / 2011

    Banken werden immer größer

    Die Lehman-Insolvenz förderte die hohe Interdependenz und Ansteckungsgefahr im Bankensektor zu Tage. Die Vielzahl der gegenseitigen Kredit- und Anleihegeschäfte macht insbesondere die Insolvenz einer Großbank zum unkalkulierbaren Risiko. Um dieser Geiselhaft zu entkommen, wollen Aufsicht und Politik seit längerem das fremdfinanzierte Wachstum der Banken begrenzen. Dieses Bemühen steht beispielsweise ...

    2011| Sascha Binder, Dorothea Schäfer
  • DIW Wochenbericht 32 / 2011

    Basel III kann fremdfinanziertes Wachstum der Banken nicht bremsen: Sechs Fragen an Dorothea Schäfer

  • Diskussionspapiere 1145 / 2011

    Removing Cross-Border Capacity Bottlenecks in the European Natural Gas Market: A Proposed Merchant-Regulatory Mechanism

    We propose a merchant-regulatory framework to promote investment in the European natural gas network infrastructure based on a price cap over two-part tariffs. As suggested by Vogelsang (2001) and Hogan et al. (2010), a profit maximizing network operator facing this regulatory constraint will intertemporally rebalance the variable and fixed part of its two-part tariff so as to expand the congested ...

    2011| Anne Neumann, Juan Rosellón, Hannes Weigt
  • Diskussionspapiere 1135 / 2011

    Temporary Agency Work and Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from German Manufacturing Firms

    This paper addresses the relationship between the utilization of temporary agency workers by firms and their competitiveness measured by unit labor costs, using a rich, newly built, data set of German manufacturing enterprises. The analysis is conducted by applying different panel data models while taking the inherent selection problem into account. Making use of dynamic panel data models allows us ...

    2011| Sebastian Nielen, Alexander Schiersch
504 Ergebnisse, ab 411