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    An dieser Aufgabe kann der Staat nur scheitern

    In: Die Zeit (05.07.2024), [Online-Artikel] | Marcel Fratzscher
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    Airbnb and Rental Markets: Evidence from Berlin

    In: Regional Science & Urban Economics (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-3-21] | Tomaso Duso, Claus Michelsen, Maximilian Schaefer, Kevin Ducbao Tran
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    The Rise and Fall of Social Housing? Housing Decommodification in Long-run Comparison

    The comparative study of housing decommodification lags behind classical welfare state research, while housing research itself is rich in homeownership studies but lacks comparative accounts of private and social rentals due to missing comparative data. Building on existing works and various primary sources, this study presents a new collection of up to forty-eight countries’ social housing shares ...

    In: Journal of Social Policy im Ersch. (2024), [online first: 2022-12-02] | Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Sebastian Kohl, Florian Müller
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    House Price Expectations

    This study examines short-, medium-, and long-run price expectations in housing markets. At the heart of our analysis is the combination of data from a tailored in-person household survey, past sale offerings, satellite imagery on developable land, and an information treatment (RCT). As novel finding, we show that price expectations show no evidence for momentum-effects in the long run. We also do ...

    In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 218 (2024), S. 379–398 | Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen, Felix Weinhardt
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    Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence Are Differentially Related to Categories of Urban Fabric in Older Adults: Results from the Berlin Aging Study

    Urbanization is Globally increasing at a rapid rate but its consequences for mental health, including cognitivefunctioning, are not well understood. In particular, little is known about the effects of different morphologicalfeatures associated with urban development, such as variations in the densities of urban fabric (i.e., degrees ofground sealing). We investigated associations of episodic memory, ...

    In: Journal of Environmental Psychology 93 (2024), 102224, 9 S. | Anna Mascherek, Sandra Düzel, Peter Eibich,, Christian Krekel, Jan Goebel, Jürgen Gallinat, Gert G. Wagner, Ulman Lindenberger, Simone Kühn
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    Forward to the Past: Short-Term Effects of the Rent Freeze in Berlin

    In 2020, Berlin introduced a rigorous rent-control policy responding to soaring prices by capping rents: the Mietendeckel (rent freeze). The German Constitutional Court revoked the policy only one year later. Although successful in lowering rents during its duration, the consequences for Berlin’s rental market and close-by markets are per se not clear. This article evaluates the short-term causal supply-side ...

    In: Management Science 2024, im Ersch. [online first: 2023-05-22] | Anja M. Hahn, Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Sofie R. Waltl, Marco Fongoni
  • Video

    Wärmewende in Berlin: Wärmepumpen sichern Versorgung: Animierte Infografik

    07.12.2023| Animierte Infografik
  • Medienbeitrag

    Schuld ist nicht die Regelwut allein

    Zu viel Bürokratie kann Unternehmen die Luft zum Atmen nehmen. Wichtiger als die Zahl der Vorschriften ist aber die Qualität der Verwaltung. Behörden müssen der Versuchung widerstehen, bürokratische Schritte auf Unternehmen und Bürger abzuwälzen. Dieser Gastbeitrag von Alexander S. Kritikos erschien am 6. November 2023 in der FAZ. Die jedes Jahr pünktlich zum medialen Sommerloch auftauchende Forderung ...

    06.11.2023| Alexander S. Kritikos
  • Pressemitteilung

    Verwaltungsqualität bremst Wachstum von Unternehmen eher aus als Regulierungsdichte

    DIW-Bericht auf Basis von OECD-, WEF- und Eurostat-Daten untersucht, wie die Qualität regionaler Verwaltungen den Zusammenhang zwischen Regulierungsdichte eines Landes und Unternehmensentwicklung beeinflussen – In EU-Regionen mit sehr guter Verwaltung entwickeln sich schnell wachsende Unternehmen trotz hoher Regulierungsdichte positiv – Ineffiziente Verwaltungen hingegen verschärfen negative Auswirkungen ...

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    Social Policy or Crowding-out? Tenant Protection in Comparative Long-run Perspective

    Private rental markets have become increasingly important since the Global Financial Crisis 2008–2009 and rent controls are back on the political agenda. Yet, they have received less attention from housing scholars than homeownership and public housing. This paper presents new data on the development of private tenancy legislation based on a content-coding of rent control, protection of tenants from ...

    In: Housing Studies 38 (2023), 4, S. 707-743 | Sebastian Kohl, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
1133 Ergebnisse, ab 1