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Transformational Strategies and Productivity Growth: A Transformational‐Activities Perspective on Stagnation in the New‐Normal Business Landscape

Declines in productivity growth substantially explain new‐normal business stagnation; yet in order to address situations of slack productivity growth, firms can choose from six generic transformational strategies: retirement, renewal, retrenchment, .

In: Journal of Management Studies (2020), im Ersch. [online first: 2019-06-22] | Joseph A. Clougherty, Tomaso Duso, Jo Seldeslachts, Lorenzo Ciari
Diskussionspapiere 1849 / 2020

Testing the Superstar Firm Hypothesis

The superstar firms model provides a compelling explanation for two simultaneously occurring phenomena: the rise of concentration in industries and the fall of labor shares. Our empirical analysis confirms two of the underlying assumptions of the ...

2020| Alexander Schiersch, Caroline Stiel
SOEPpapers 1069 / 2020

Refugees’ and Irregular Migrants’ Self-selection into Europe: Who Migrates Where?

We analyze self-selection of refugees and irregular migrants and test our theory in the context of the European refugee crisis. Using unique datasets from the International Organization for Migration and Gallup World Polls, we provide the first large

2020| Cevat Giray Aksoy, Panu Poutvaara
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An Investment in the Future: Institutional Aspects of Credential Recognition of Refugees in Germany

Adding to the rich literature on the economic integration of refugees, this article extends the scope towards the role of institutions by focusing on the transfer of human capital by means of credential recognition. The 2012 Federal Act of ...

In: Journal of Refugee Studies (2020), im Ersch. [online first: 2019-11-15] | Jannes Jacobsen

Workshop on Development Economics: "Firms and Productivity"

This workshop brings together high profile junior researchers from leading universities in Europe and the US, who present recent work on the nexus of firms and productivity in developing economies. The workshop is jointly organized by researchers ...


Entwicklung und Messung der Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft am Standort in Deutschland

Ziel des Projektvorhabens „Entwicklung und Messung der Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft am Standort in Deutschland“ ist es, die Digitalisierung der Wirtschaft am Standort Deutschland in ihrer Vielschichtigkeit zu messen und über den ...

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Measurement of the Digitalisation of the German Economy

The purpose of the project is to measure the digitalisation of the German economy and to track its development over time. The results will serve as an evidence-based framework for decision makers in policy and business. The project comprises several ...

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Produktivitätsrückstand ist nicht mehr eine Frage des Ostens: Kommentar von Martin Gornig

Der Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs in Europa und der Berliner Mauer liegen nun fast 30 Jahre zurück. Dies wird mit Recht zum Anlass genommen, in nahezu allen gesellschaftspolitischen Bereichen auch Bilanz zu ziehen in den deutsch-deutschen Beziehungen. Was ist erreicht worden, wo besteht noch Hand-lungsbedarf? [...]

17.04.2019| Martin Gornig
Berlin Lunchtime Meeting

Investment, technological change and skills: Germany and the EU

Growing downside risks to the economic outlook, together with well-known structural weaknesses, make still more pressing the need for strong reflection on European policy priorities. How can we improve productivity and competitiveness in the EU and ...

31.01.2019| Debora Revoltella, Klaus Guenter Deutsch, Florian Moritz
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