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International SOEP User Conference

SOEP 2022 - 14th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

The 14th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference (SOEP2022) will be held in Berlin from June 30 to July 1, 2022 at DIW Berlin. The conference provides researchers who use the SOEP (including the SOEP part of the Cross-National Equivalent File (CNEF) and LIS/LWS data) with the opportunity to present and discuss their work with their peers. Researchers of all disciplines (e.g.,...

30.06.2022| Anja Abendroth (Bielefeld University), Arne Kalleberg (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

The Value of Time in the United States: Estimates from Nationwide Natural Field Experiments

07.06.2021| Robert Metcalfe (University of Southern California)
Blog Marcel Fratzscher

Staatshilfen - Wieso der Entzug jetzt geplant werden muss: Gastbeitrag im Handelsblatt

Dieser Text erschien am 22.2.21 als Gastbeitrag im Handelsblatt. In der Coronakrise stützt der Staat die Wirtschaft mit Milliardenbeträgen. Doch die Politik muss nun langsam eine Entzugsstrategie entwerfen, fordert Marcel Fratzscher. Kaum ein Staat der Welt hat in dieser Corona-Pandemie größere Wirtschaftshilfen bereitgestellt als Deutschland. Bald könnten Bund und Länder ...

22.02.2021| Marcel Fratzscher

Rationality and Competition: The Economic Performance of Individuals and Firms

Aktuelles Projekt| Staat, Sozio-oekonomisches Panel

Rationalität und Wettbewerb: Die ökonomische Leistungsfähigkeit von Individuen und Unternehmen

Aktuelles Projekt| Staat, Sozio-oekonomisches Panel
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An Investment in the Future: Institutional Aspects of Credential Recognition of Refugees in Germany

Adding to the rich literature on the economic integration of refugees, this article extends the scope towards the role of institutions by focusing on the transfer of human capital by means of credential recognition. The 2012 Federal Act of Recognition in Germany is a new institution that provides the possibility to study the transfer of human capital in depth. I argue that analysing the decision for ...

In: Journal of Refugee Studies (2021), im Ersch. [online first: 2019-11-15] | Jannes Jacobsen
Diskussionspapiere 1960 / 2021

The Productivity Puzzle in Business Services

In Germany, the productivity of professional services, a sector dominated by micro and small firms, declined by 40 percent between 1995 and 2014. This productivity decline also holds true for professional services in other European countries. Using a German firm-level dataset of 700,000 observations between 2003 and 2017, we analyze this largely uncovered phenomenon among professional services, the ...

2021| Alexander S. Kritikos , Alexander Schiersch, Caroline Stiel
DIW Wochenbericht 21 / 2021

Die Produktivität dürfte bei wissensintensiven Unternehmensdienstleistungen wieder steigen: Interview

2021| Alexander Schiersch, Erich Wittenberg
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