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Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

The Productivity Riddle in Business Services

This is an online seminar using Cisco Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:   A fast growing and diverse literature has addressed one of the riddles of economic developments: the declining labor productivity growth in almost all advanced economies. One of the reasons discussed is the shift towards service industries with inherently low...

11.12.2020| Caroline Stiel, DIW Berlin

EU-Regionalbeihilfen haben positiven Einfluss auf Investitionen

DIW-WissenschaftlerInnen analysieren Auswirkungen von regionalen Beihilfen auf Investitionstätigkeit von Unternehmen – Neue EU-Leitlinien von 2014 erschweren unter anderem Vergabe von Beihilfen an große Unternehmen – Investitionen von Großunternehmen gehen in Folge zurück – Europäisches Rahmenwerk für Regionalbeihilfen sollte nachjustiert werden – ...


30 Jahre Mauerfall : Produktivität in Ost und West

Es ist sehr viel passiert seit der Wiedervereinigung, aber die Produktivität ostdeutscher Unternehmen liegt immer noch um die 20 Prozent hinter den westdeutschen Unternehmen zurück. Martin Gornig betont, dass wir einen langen Atem brauchen.

23.09.2020| Nachgeforscht
Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

Common Ownership, Markups and Productivity: Evidence from European Firms

This is an online seminar using Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:  This paper analyzes the relationship between common ownership – when two firms are partially held by the same investor – and markups. Combining firm-level financial data from Europe with ownership data of publicly listed firms, we structurally estimate production...

07.05.2020| Nuria Boot
Zeitungs- und Blogbeiträge

Über die persistenten Produktivitätsunterschiede zwischen Ost und West

In: Inclusive Productivity (05.10.2020), [Online-Artikel] | Alexander Schiersch
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Microfirms and Innovation in the Service Sector

In: Small Business Economics 55 (2020), 4, S. 997-1018 | David B. Audretsch, Alexander S. Kritikos, Alexander Schiersch
Diskussionspapiere 1849 / 2020

Testing the Superstar Firm Hypothesis

The superstar firms model provides a compelling explanation for two simultaneously occurring phenomena: the rise of concentration in industries and the fall of labor shares. Our empirical analysis confirms two of the underlying assumptions of the model: the market share increases and the labor share decreases with increasing firm-level total factor productivity, providing support for the superstar ...

2020| Alexander Schiersch, Caroline Stiel
Diskussionspapiere 1868 / 2020

Knowledge-Based Capital and Productivity Divergence

Understanding the causes of the slowdown in aggregate productivity growth is key to maintaining the competitiveness of advanced economies and ensuring long-term economic prosperity. This paper is the first to provide evidence that investment in Knowledge-Based Capital (KBC), despite having a positive effect on productivity at the micro level, is a driver of the weak productivity performance at the ...

2020| Marie Le Mouel, Alexander Schiersch
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Transformational Strategies and Productivity Growth: A Transformational‐Activities Perspective on Stagnation in the New‐Normal Business Landscape

Declines in productivity growth substantially explain new‐normal business stagnation; yet in order to address situations of slack productivity growth, firms can choose from six generic transformational strategies: retirement, renewal, retrenchment, replication, redeployment, and recombination. While the extant literature focuses on specific transformational strategies that particular firms, or industries, ...

In: Journal of Management Studies (2020), im Ersch. [online first: 2019-06-22] | Joseph A. Clougherty, Tomaso Duso, Jo Seldeslachts, Lorenzo Ciari
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