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  • Publikation

    Economic sanctions: Coalitions increase the cost for the target and reduce own burden

    What is the role of coalitions in enforcing sanctions? In a newly released study, researchers at IfW Kiel and DIW Berlin analyse the economic impact of jointly implementing punitive measures in the context of the 2012 Iran and 2014 Russia sanctions. They find that coalitions serve two crucial purposes -- they not only magnify the economic cost imposed on the target but also reduce domestic costs for ...

    28.10.2022| Sonali Chowdhry
  • Tagung

    Sitzung des Arbeitskreises Bau- und Wohnungsmarktprognostik

  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Competition and Mergers with Strategic Data Intermediaries

    We analyze mergers between strategic data intermediaries collecting consumer information that they sell to firms competing in a product market. We show that a merger: (a) reduces the intensity of competition in the product market through a change in the selling strategies of merging intermediaries; (b) increases data collection, reducing consumer surplus through a better rent extraction. We argue...

    19.10.2022| Antoine Dubus, ETH Zürich
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Role of Institutions for High Growth Firms in European Regions

    High growth firms are high on the policy agenda as empirical evidence consistently shows that they disproportionately contribute to economic growth via net job creation. Several innovation scholars analyze how high growth entrepreneurship responds to the local enabling environment, such as institutional and framework conditions. However, the majority of these studies look at the role of formal...

    12.10.2022| Sara Amoroso, DIW Berlin
  • Interview

    Sind die Unternehmen zu mächtig, Herr Duso?

    Die Bundesregierung will das Kartellrecht verschärfen und die Zerschlagung von Konzernen erleichtern. Der Wettbewerbsökonom Tomaso Duso hält das für eine gute Idee – zu wenig Wettbewerb sei eine Gefahr für die Demokratie. Das Interview mit DIW-Ökonom Tomaso Duso erschien am 30. Juni 2022 in der ZEIT. DIE ZEIT: Herr Duso, Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck will das Kartellrecht verschärfen, um Verbraucher ...

    30.06.2022| Tomaso Duso
  • Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

    Private Monopoly and Restricted Entry - Evidence from the Notary Profession

    20.06.2022| Biliana Yontcheva (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Econ)
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Sponsored Search: How Platforms Exacerbate Product Market Concentration

    How does online advertising affect consumer behaviour, product pricing and competition? To analyse this, I develop a theory of digital markets where an intermediary provides a platform for firms to advertise their product and where consumers need to engage in costly search if they want to learn about the product characteristics. First, I show that when prices are observable...

    17.06.2022| Akhil Ilango, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
  • Medienbeitrag

    Entlastung für Autofahrer: Der Tankrabatt ist das naheliegendste, aber auch schlechteste Instrument

    Dieser Beitrag erschien im Tagesspiegel. Sollten die Preise steigen, ist das kein böswilliges Verhalten der Ölkonzerne, sondern die normale Marktreaktion. Das hätte man wissen können. Ein Gastbeitrag von Tomaso Duso. Der russische Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine hat die Ölpreise und damit auch die Spritpreise seit März in die Höhe getrieben. Darüber hinaus haben sich In den vergangenen Wochen die Benzin- ...

    01.06.2022| Tomaso Duso
  • Veranstaltung

    7th BCCP Forum

    Leibniz ScienceCampusBerlin Centre for Consumer Policies (BCCP) Forum The Forum will bring together all BCCP fellows in law and economics who are engaged in the activities of the science campus. We will have the opportunity to learn about each other’s research during short presentations by the different partner institutions followed by open discussion. The objective of the meeting is to encourage...

  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Brothers in Arms: The Value of Coalitions in Sanctions Regimes

    This paper provides novel empirical results on the welfare impact of sanctions when countries coordinate their sanctions packages. To do so, weconduct simulations with the Caliendo and Parro (2015) CGE model of the world economy that provides changes in welfare under different hypothetical setups of sanctions coalitions. Focusing on the 2012 wave of sanctions against Iran and the 2014 sanctions...

    07.04.2022| Sonali Chowdhry, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
206 Ergebnisse, ab 41