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  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Physician effects in antibiotic prescribing: Evidence from physician exits

    This is an online seminar using Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:   Antibiotic resistance is a severe problem within our current health systems. One of the main strategies to combat the rise of antibiotic resistance is to improve individual physicians' antibiotic prescribing practices. However, this strategy requires that differences in...

    12.06.2020| Shan Huang
  • DIW Applied Micro Seminar

    Local News, UGC and Professionals: Evidence from Citizen Journalism

    Abstract:  User generated content is increasingly substituting content created by professionals. Local news that is generated by citizen journalists could be a promising way of supporting the struggling newspaper industry by reducing costs for professional journalists. We study a network of 122 local Austrian newspapers operating a hybrid model of citizen and professional journalism. We first...

    12.06.2020| Jörg Claussen, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Airbnb and Rents: Evidence from Berlin

    This is an online seminar using Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:   Cities worldwide have regulated the peer-to-peer short-term rental market claiming that those markets remove apartments from the long-term housing market, causing an increase in rents. However, at the time many of these policies were passed, empirical evidence for or...

    05.06.2020| Kevin Ducbao Tran
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Big Tech Acquisitions in the Google Play Store

    This is an online seminar using Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:  In the last ten years, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft (GAFAM) acquired more than 400 companies, predominantly in the technological sector. Competition authorities did not scrutinize most of these transactions, as they did not reach the traditional thresholds,...

    20.05.2020| Pauline Affeldt
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Common Ownership, Markups and Productivity: Evidence from European Firms

    This is an online seminar using Webex. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Abstract:  This paper analyzes the relationship between common ownership – when two firms are partially held by the same investor – and markups. Combining firm-level financial data from Europe with ownership data of publicly listed firms, we structurally estimate production...

    07.05.2020| Nuria Boot
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Modeling Geographical Preferences to Study the Welfare Implication of Airbnb's Presence in the Short-Term Accomodation Market

    Abstract:  We study competition between Airbnb and hotel accommodations in Paris in 2017 to assess the welfare implications of Airbnb’s presence on hotels and travelers. The existing literature on the subject exclusively uses across city variation in Airbnb diffusion. Consequently, it does not take into account that the location of an accommodation within a city might be an important...

    09.04.2020| Maximilian Schäfer
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Market Concentration in Europe: Evidence based on Antitrust Markets (cancelled)

    Abstract:  An increasing body of empirical evidence has documented trends to risen concentration, profits, markups, and market power in many industries across the world since the 1980s. Several factors – such as globalisation, digitisation, the increased role of intangible assets and sunk costs, as well as M&A activity and the (under)enforcement of merger control– have been...

    13.03.2020| Tomaso Duso
  • Brown Bag Seminar Industrial Economics

    Battling Antibiotic Resistance: Can Machine Learning Improve Prescribing?

    Abstract:  Antibiotic misuse due to prescribing under diagnostic uncertainty is a leading driver of antibiotic resistance. We investigate the magnitude and mechanisms by which machine learning predictions can enable policies that reduce antibiotic misuse. Building on predictions from administrative data on urinary tract infections in Denmark, we evaluate counterfactual policies that replace...

    14.02.2020| Hannes Ullrich
  • Forschungsprojekt

    Ökonomisches Gutachten zum Apothekenmarkt

    Gemäß dem Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofs (EuGH) vom 19. Oktober 2016 ist das deutsche Arzneimittelpreisrecht nicht auf Versandapotheken mit Sitz in einem anderen Mitgliedstaat der Europäischen Union anwendbar. Infolgedessen können diese bei der Abgabe von verschreibungspflichtigen Arzneimitteln an Patientinnen und Patienten Boni und Rabatte gewähren. Vor...

    Abgeschlossenes Projekt| Unternehmen und Märkte
  • Pressemitteilung

    Bauwirtschaft wächst stärker als die deutsche Gesamtwirtschaft

    Bauwirtschaft wird in diesem und im nächsten Jahr nominal um mehr als sechs Prozent, real um rund drei Prozent zulegen – Eckpfeiler des Aufwärtstrends bleibt der Wohnungsbau, 2019 hat vor allem der Neubau kräftig zugenommen – Politik sollte langfristige Investitionsanreize setzen und Genehmigungsverfahren straffen Die Bauwirtschaft ist und bleibt eine Stütze der Konjunktur ...

208 Ergebnisse, ab 91