Publikationen des Projekts: Berliner Altersstudie II (BASE-II): Health and Cognitive Functioning across the Lifespan

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Cohort Differences in Psychosocial Function over 20 Years: Current Older Adults Feel Less Lonely and Less Dependent on External Circumstances

Background: Lifespan psychological and life course sociological perspectives indicate that individual development is shaped by social and historical circumstances. Increases in fluid cognitive performance over the last century are well documented and researchers have begun examining historical trends in personality and subjective well-being in old age. Relatively less is known about secular changes ...

In: Gerontology : International Journal of Experimental, Clinical, Behavioural, Regenerative and Technological Gerontology 62 (2016), 3, S. 354-361 | Gizem Hülür, Johanna Drewelies, Peter Eibich , Sandra Düzel, Ilja Demuth, Paolo Ghisletta, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Gert G. Wagner , Ulman Lindenberger, Denis Gerstorf
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Personality Development in Old Age Relates to Physical Health and Cognitive Performance: Evidence from the Berlin Aging Study II

We examine how late-life personality development relates to overall morbidity as well as specific performance-based indicators of physical and cognitive functioning in 1,232 older adults in the Berlin Aging Study II (aged 65-88 years). Latent growth models indicated that, on average, neuroticism and conscientiousness decline over time, whereas extraversion and openness increase and agreeableness remains ...

In: Journal of Research in Personality 65 (2016), S. 94-108 | Swantje Müller, Jenny Wagner, Johanna Drewelies, Sandra Düzel, Peter Eibich, Jule Specht, Ilja Demuth, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Gert G. Wagner, Denis Gerstorf
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The Greener, the Happier? The Effect of Urban Land Use on Residential Well-Being

We investigate the effect of urban land use on residential well-being in major German cities, using panel data from the German Socio-Economic Panel and cross-section data from the European Urban Atlas. We reduce concerns about endogeneity by employing fixed-effects (within) estimators, with individual and city of residence fixed effects, while controlling for a rich set of observables. The results ...

In: Ecological Economics 121 (2016), S. 117-127 | Christian Krekel, Jens Kolbe, Henry Wüstemann
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Sports and Exercise at Different Ages and Leukocyte Telomere Length in Later Life: Data from the Berlin Aging Study II (Base-II)

Physical activity and sports have repeatedly been reported to be associated with telomere length. We studied the association of different types of sports across different stages of life on relative leukocyte telomere length (rLTL) in advanced age.815 participants (397 men) from the Berlin Aging Study II aged over 61 years were included in the analysis. rLTL was measured by real time PCR and physical ...

In: PloS one 10 (2015), 12, e0142131 (13 S.) | Denise Saßenroth, Antje Meyer, Bastian Salewsky, Martin Kroh, Kristina Norman, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Ilja Demuth
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Secular Changes in Late-Life Cognition and Well-Being: Towards a Long Bright Future with a Short Brisk Ending?

How sociocultural contexts shape individual functioning is of prime interest for psychological inquiry. Secular increases favoring later-born cohorts in fluid intelligence measures are widely documented for young adults. In the current study, we quantified such trends in old age using data from highly comparable participants living in a narrowly defined geographical area and examined whether these ...

In: Psychology and Aging 30 (2015), 2, S. 301-310 | Denis Gerstorf, Gizem Hülür, Johanna Drewelies, Peter Eibich, Sandra Düzel, Ilja Demuth, Paolo Ghisletta, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Gert G. Wagner, Ulman Lindenberger
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Cohort Profile: The Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II)

In: International Journal of Epidemiology 43 (2014), 3, S.703-712 | Lars Bertram, Anke Böckenhoff, Ilja Demuth, Sandra Düzel, Rahel Eckardt, Shu-Chen Li, Ulman Lindenberger, Graham Pawelec, Thomas Siedler, Gert G. Wagner, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen
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Bei manchen hat das heitere Gemüt schon Tradition

In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (03.05.2016), S. 12 | Philipp D. Köllinger, Lars Bertram, Gert G. Wagner
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