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SOEPpapers 76 / 2008

Does Job Satisfaction Improve the Health of Workers? New Evidence Using Panel Data and Objective Measures of Health

This paper evaluates the relationship between job satisfaction and measures of health of workers using the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP). Methodologically, it addresses two important design problems encountered frequently in the literature: (a) cross-sectional causality problems and (b) absence of objective measures of physical health that complement self-reported measures of health status. Not ...

2008| Justina A. V. Fischer, Alfonso Sousa-Poza
SOEPpapers 153 / 2008

Boon or Bane? Others' Unemployment, Well-Being and Job Insecurity

The social norm of unemployment suggests that aggregate unemployment reduces the wellbeing of the employed, but has a far smaller effect on the unemployed. We use German panel data to reproduce this standard result, but then suggest that the appropriate distinction may not be between employment and unemployment, but rather between higher and lower levels of labour-market security. Those with good job ...

2008| Andrew Clark, Andreas Knabe, Steffen Rätzel
SOEPpapers 151 / 2008

Authentic Happiness Theory Supported by Impact of Religion on Life Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Analysis with Data for Germany

Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Survey (SOEP), this paper assesses the relationship between life satisfaction and religious practice. The main new result here is longitudinal. It is shown that individuals who become more religious over time record long term gains in life satisfaction, while those who become less religious record long term losses. This result holds net of the effects ...

2008| Bruce Headey, Jürgen Schupp, Ingrid Tucci, Gert G. Wagner
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Life Goals Matter to Happiness: A Revision of Set-Point Theory

The purpose of the paper is to assess the theory that the downside risk insurance provided by more generous welfare states generates long run efficiency gains, which counterbalance the short run efficiency losses caused by work disincentives in these states (Feldstein 1974, 1976; Sinn 1995, 1996). Testing downside risk theory requires long term data, so the paper makes use of the three longest running ...

In: Social Indicators Research 86 (2008), 2, S. 213-231 | Bruce Headey
SOEPpapers 145 / 2008

Measuring Wellbeing in the SOEP

I define wellbeing as preference realization. Wellbeing can be measured with affective (the amount of pleasant versus unpleasant experiences) and cognitive (satisfaction with life in general and life domains) measures. Since its inception 25 years ago, the SOEP has included cognitive measures of wellbeing. In 2007, the SOEP included four items (happy, sad, angry, afraid) as an affective measure of ...

2008| Ulrich Schimmack
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Lebenssituationen und -einstellungen von Kindern und Jugendlichen

In: Datenreport
Bonn : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
S. 188-192
| Jürgen Schupp, C. Katharina Spieß

Barometers of Quality of Life around the Globe: How Are We Doing?

Dordrecht [u.a.]: Kluwer Academic Publ., 2008, 238 S.
(Social Indicators Research Series ; 33)
| Valerie Moeller, Denis Huschka, Alex C. Michalos (Eds.)

Authentic Happiness Theory Supported by Impact of Religion on Life Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Analysis with Data for Germany

Bonn: IZA, 2008, 27 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 3915)
| Bruce Headey, Jürgen Schupp, Ingrid Tucci, Gert G. Wagner
SOEPpapers 149 / 2008

Subjective Measures of Economic Well-Being and the Influence of Income Uncertainty

This paper provides evidence that subjective measures of individual well being can be used to study the impact of income uncertainty from an ex ante point of view. Two different measures of subjective well being are under study: Satisfaction with household income and the income evaluation question as developed by Van Praag. It can be shown that satisfaction with income is more affected by ex ante than ...

2008| Johannes Schwarze
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