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  • Audio

    Kitas können eine doppelte Integrationsrendite erzielen: Interview mit C. Katharina Spieß

    30.10.2019| Wochenberichtsinterview
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Does later retirement change your health care consumption? Evidence from France

    This paper examines the causal impact of later retirement on outpatient care consumption among the French elderly. Outpatient care are defined as all the care provided out of the hospital setting. This question is of interest since spill effects may arise if later retirement increases health care expenditures. To deal with reverse causality issue, I use, as an instrumental variable, the 1993...

    30.10.2019| Elsa Perdrix, Paris School of Economics
  • DIW Applied Micro Seminar

    Salience of Inherited Wealth and the Support for Inheritance Taxation

    Abstract: We study how attitudes to inheritance taxation are influenced by information about the role of inherited wealth in society. Using a randomized experiment in a register-linked Swedish survey, we find that informing individuals about the large aggregate importance of inherited wealth and its link to inequality of opportunity significantly increases the support for inheritance taxation. The...

    25.10.2019| Daniel Waldenström, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), Stockholm
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Investment Losses and Inequality

    Systematic differences along the wealth distribution in investment performance will potentially have large consequences for the level and persistence of wealth inequality. These differences in performance are hard to measure except in a few, select countries with detailed information on household portfolios. In this paper we use a modified version of the Global Capital Asset Pricing Model ...

    07.08.2019| Johannes König
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Wealth inequality in Germany, 1895-2017

    (together with Thilo Albers (HU Berlin) und Moritz Schularick (Uni Bonn)) This paper provides the first long-run wealth inequality series for Germany. We combine wealth tax data, survey data, national accounts' household balance sheets, and lists of large wealth holders to study the accumulation and distribution of wealth in Germany from 1895 to 2017. We find that wealth concentration in...

    24.07.2019| Charlotte Bartels
  • DIW Applied Micro Seminar

    The Roots of Inequality: Estimating Inequality of Opportunity from Regression Trees and Forests

    21.06.2019| Paul Hufe, ifo Insititut, München
  • Forschungsprojekt

    Improving School Admissions for Diversity and Better Learning Outcomes (iLearn)

    Das Projekt "Improving School Admissions for Diversity and Better Learning Outcomes“ (iLearn) untersucht die Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher Vergabe- bzw. Zuweisungsregime bei Schulplätzen auf Bildungserfolg und Chancengleichheit. Gefragt wird, welche sozialen Gruppen am meisten von unterschiedlichen Vergaberegimen profitieren. Grundlegend ist die Annahme, dass Eltern mit hohem sozio...

    Aktuelles Projekt| Bildung und Familie
  • Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche Finanzen und Lebenslagen

    Was Marx Right? Income Inequality, Market Concentration and Voting in late 19th Century Germany

    The  recent  debate  on  the  causes  and  consequences  of  income  inequality shows striking similarity to the debate in many parts of Europe before 1914. Today and back then the focus was on the role of capital share and market concentration as a cause for rising inequality.  In this study we analyze the drivers and consequences of...

    06.02.2019| Charlotte Bartels
  • Externe Monographien

    Information Provision and Postgraduate Studies

    This is the first paper to experimentally examine effects of information provision on beliefs about pecuniary and non-pecuniary returns of postgraduate education, enrollment intentions and realized enrollment. We find that our treatment causally affects beliefs measured six month after treatment. The effects on beliefs differ by gender and academic background, and we find that stated enrollment intentions ...

    Bonn: IZA, 2019, 37 S.
    (Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 12735)
    | Jan Berkes, Frauke Peter, C. Katharina Spiess, Felix Weinhardt
  • Externe Monographien

    Inequalities in the Experience of Early Education in England: Access, Peer Groups and Transitions

    This paper summarises the output of a Nuffield-funded research project exploring inequalities in three aspects of children’s experience in early education in England. The main focus of the project was on ‘peer effects’ in pre-school settings: we examine the extent of clustering by income and language background and explore associations between pre-school peer group and children’s outcomes in early ...

    London: Systemic Risk Centre, 2019, 42 S.
    (CASE ; 214)
    | Tammy Campbell, Ludovica Gambaro, Kitty Stewart
134 Ergebnisse, ab 51