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Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen: viel Zustimmung, aber auch große Ablehnung

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Jürgen Schupp

In: Wirtschaftsdienst 100 (2020), 2, S.


Unconditional basic income has been discussed for many years. It is intended to solve problems that may arise as a result of demographic change, digitalisation and automation. Very different concepts form the basis for the discussion. For example, it is not clear what level such a basic income should have, which social benefits it would replace and, above all, how it would to be financed. It was originally carried out as a field experiment in Finland. The main question to be answered: to what extent would basic income trigger or weaken incentives to work?

Jürgen Schupp

Wissenschaftler in der Infrastruktureinrichtung Sozio-oekonomisches Panel

Themen: Verteilung

JEL-Classification: D63;I38;H23

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