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Who is Thinking of Leaving Germany? The Role of Postmaterialism, Risk Attitudes, and Life-Satisfaction on Emigration Intentions of German Nationals

The subject of emigration from affluent countries, such as Germany, raises the question of who are more likely to leave their highly-industrialized countries known for high living standards, stable political scene and prosperous economy. Using the theory of postmaterialism (Inglehart, 1997) this paper explores emigration intentions of German nationals taking into account country’s specific socio-economic ...

pub_soep_nutz: analysis of SOEP based data
| Elena Samarsky

The Situation of Female Immigrants on the German Labour Market: A Multi-Perspective Approach

While general ethnic disadvantages are well documented, much less is known about coinciding disadvantages of ethnic origin and gender. Based on theoretical arguments of human capital theory, sociocultural approaches, labour market segmentation theory, and discrimination mechanisms, we investigate whether immigrant women experience more difficulties on the labour market than immigrant men, non-immigrant ...

pub_soep_nutz: analysis of SOEP based data
| Zerrin Salikutluk, Johannes Giesecke, Martin Kroh

Working from Home: What is the Effect on Employees’ Effort?

This paper investigates how working from home affects employees’ work effort. Employees who have the possibility to work from home have a high autonomy in scheduling and organizing their work and are therefore assumed to have a higher intrinsic motivation. Thus, we expect working from home to positively influence work effort of employees. We introduce a theoretical model that analyzes whether intrinsic ...

In: Schmalenbach Business Review 70 (2018), 1, 25-55 | Kira Rupietta, Michael Beckmann

Obesity and sickness absence: results from a longitudinal nationally representative sample from Germany

Objectives The current study aimed at investigating the longitudinal association between obesity and sickness absence in women and men in Germany.Methods Data were derived from the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP) which is a nationally representative, longitudinal study of private households in Germany. We draw on data from 2002 to 2012. Information on self-rated body mass index has been collected ...

In: BMJ Open 8 (2018), 6, e019839 | Katrin Christiane Reber, Hans-Helmut König, André Hajek

Knowledge, Skills, Craft? The Skilled Worker in West German Industry and the Resilience of Vocational Training, 1970–2000

The spread of computer technology in West German industry during the 1980s and 1990s dramatically changed the demand for skilled and unskilled work in manufacturing. As a result the knowledge used in production was redefined and reformers pushed for radical reform in vocational and general education. In these decades a corporate agreement across trade unions, associations of employers and state bureaucracy ...

In: German History 37 (2019), 3, 359-373 | Lutz Raphael

Grundsicherung statt Grundrente - Eine Frage der Reichweite und Treffsicherheit

Mit einer Grundrente soll die Lebensleistung bedürftiger Ruheständler gewürdigt werden. Würde eine Rentenaufstockung ohne Bedürftigkeitsprüfung erfolgen, drohen die Hilfen in vier von fünf Fällen fehladressiert zu werden. Denn selbst wenn der individuelle gesetzliche Rentenanspruch niedriger ausfällt als der Leistungsanspruch in der Grundsicherung, so gelingt doch in den meisten Fällen eine armutspräventive ...

In: IW-Trends 46 (2019), 3, 39-53 | Jochen Pimpertz, Maximilian Stockhausen

Grundrente – ungelöste normative Widersprüche

The proposed basic pension in the German statutory pension scheme would misdirect aid in four out of five cases to those not in need if a means test is waived. In order to recognise life`s work even in case of need, personal allowance can be deducted from the means test. However, this leads to different coverages of comparable requirements. A universal increase in the minimum guarantee avoids unequal ...

In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik 68 (2019), 3, 203-221 | Jochen Pimpertz, Maximilian Stockhausen

Gender-Specific Personality Traits and Their Effects on the Gender Wage Gap : A Correlated Random Effects Approach using SOEP Data

Using longitudinal data from the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP), this article examines whether gender wage differentials occur due to differences in prototypical personality traits of women and men and provides the first application of a gender wage gap decomposition on the basis of a correlated random effects model. Main results show that agreeableness and openness are the most important personality ...

pub_soep_nutz: analysis of SOEP based data
| Sina Otten

Einsamkeit in Deutschland: Aktuell keine Zunahme

Das Thema Einsamkeit wird aktuell in Politik und Medien viel diskutiert. Häufig wird dabei von einer gefühlten Zunahme gesprochen. Aktuelle Auswertungen zeigen jedoch einen leichten Rückgang des Anteils der Menschen, die sich einsam fühlen, von 10,5 Prozent (2013) auf 9,5 Prozent im Jahr 2017. Der Anteil der einsamer Gewordenen ist zudem bei den Jüngeren am höchsten. Wirkungsvolle Maßnahmen gegen Einsamkeit ...

Köln: IW Köln, 2019,
(IW-Kurzbericht Nr. 38)
| Anja Katrin Orth, Theresa Eyerund
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