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Social differences in mortality and life expectancy in Germany. Current situation and trends

Social differences in mortality and life expectancy are a clear demonstration of the social and health-related inequalities that exist within a particular population. According to data from the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) for the period ranging from 1992 to 2016, 13% of women and 27% of men in the lowest income group died before the age of 65; the same can be said for just 8% of women and 14% of men ...

In: Journal of Health Monitoring 4 (2019), 1, 3-14 | Thomas Lampert, Jens Hoebel, Lars Eric Kroll

Inclusion of time-varying covariates in cure survival models with an application in fertility studies

Summary Cure survival models are used when we desire to acknowledge explicitly that an unknown proportion of the population studied will never experience the event of interest. An extension of the promotion time cure model enabling the inclusion of time-varying covariates as regressors when modelling (simultaneously) the probability and the timing of the monitored event is presented. Our proposal enables ...

In: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) 183 (2020), 1, 333-354 | Philippe Lambert, Vincent Bremhorst

Who Is Bowling Alone? Quantile Treatment Effects of Unemployment on Social Participation

This article examines heterogeneity in the effect of unemployment on social participation. Whereas existing studies on this relationship essentially estimate mean effects, we use quantile regression methods to provide a broader and more complete picture. To account for the potential endogeneity of job loss, we estimate quantile treatment effects (on the treated) based on entropy balancing and focus ...

pub_soep_nutz: analysis of SOEP based data
| Lars Kunze, Nicolai Suppa

Interpersonal Perceptions and Interviewer Effects in Face-to-Face Surveys

Survey interviewers can negatively affect survey data by introducing variance and bias into estimates. When investigating these interviewer effects, research typically focuses on interviewer sociodemographics with only a few studies examining the effects of characteristics that are not directly visible such as interviewer attitudes, opinions, and personality. For the study at hand, self-reports of ...

In: Sociological Methods & Research (online first) (2020), 0, | Simon Kühne

Are there gender differences in associations of effort–reward imbalance at work with self-reported doctor-diagnosed depression? Prospective evidence from the German Socio-Economic Panel

Cohort studies established elevated risks of depression among employees experiencing psychosocial stress at work, defined by ‘job strain’ or ‘effort–reward imbalance’ (ERI). Yet, conflicting evidence exists on whether the strength of these associations varies by gender. We explore this question in a nationally representative sample of working women and men where work stress (ERI) was related to reported ...

In: International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 91 (2018), 4, 435-443 | Natalia Wege, Jian Li, Johannes Siegrist

Zur Forschungsethik gehört auch eine "Ethik der Politikberatung"

In: Makroökonomie im Dienste der Menschen : Festschrift für Gustav A. Horn
Marburg: Metropolis Verl.
S. 115-126
Schriften der Keynes-Gesellschaft ; 14

pub_soep_nutz: SOEP staff publication without SOEP data
| Gert G. Wagner

Gert G. Wagner Recommends "Homo Ignorans: Deliberately Choosing Not to Know" by Ralph Hertwig and Christoph Engel

In: Bruno S. Frey, Christoph A. Schaltegger , 21st Century Economics : Economic Ideas You Should Read and Remember
Basel: Springer
S. 143-145

pub_soep_nutz: SOEP staff publication without SOEP data
| Gert G. Wagner

Unemployment and Housework in Couples: Task-Specific Differences and Dynamics Over Time

Objective: The authors tested competing hypotheses about the effects of unemployment on couples' division of housework and total household production. Background: Gender-neutral and gender-based theories make opposing predictions on the reactions of couples. Few previous studies have tested these predictions using longitudinal data. This study extends research by examining how the effects of unemployment ...

In: Journal of Marriage and Family 81 (2019), 5, 1074-1090 | Jonas Voßemer, Stefanie Heyne

Sozio-ökonomische Determinanten der Wohneigentumsbildung: Einflussfaktoren bei der Begründung von selbstgenutztem Wohneigentum (Gutachten für die Deutsche Reihenhaus AG)

Diese Studie zielt darauf ab, die Entwicklungen, die hinter der stagnierenden Wohneigentumsquote in Deutschland stehen, zu untersuchen. Welchen Einfluss hat die demografische Entwicklung auf die Wohneigentumsbildung, welche die zunehmende Urbanisierung? Und inwiefern spielen finanzielle Restriktionen eine Rolle? Diese Fragen werden auf Basis ökonometrischer Analysen beantwortet, wobei die Datengrundlage ...

IW Köln, 2019, | Michael Voigtländer, Pekka Sagner
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