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Arbeitende Mütter: Was westdeutsche Frauen von den Ostdeutschen gelernt haben

Erwerbsquoten von Müttern aus beiden Regionen haben sich seit der Wiedervereinigung angenähert. Einen entscheidenden Unterschied gibt es allerdings bei den Renten. Hier drohen den Ostdeutschen sogar weitere Einbußen.

In: Welt online, 2020-09-16 (2020), | Sabine Menkens

Individual and social predictors of smoking and obesity: A panel study in Germany

This is a longitudinal study of changes in smoking behaviour as well as becoming overweight/obese (OW/OB) and the strength of their association with personal factors such as self-control, mental health, and socioeconomic status (SES) versus their connection with the behaviour of other household members. Furthermore, we investigate that in terms of roles within a household, who is more vulnerable towards ...

In: SSM - Population Health 10 (2020), 100558 | Ida G. Monfared, Kenneth Harttgen, Sebastian Vollmer

Do Higher Educated People Feel Better in Everyday Life? Insights From a Day Reconstruction Method Study

Past research has shown a positive association between education and well-being. Much of this research has focused on the cognitive component of well-being (i.e., life satisfaction) as outcome. On the other hand, the affective component, that is, how often and intensively people experience positive affect (PA) and negative affect (NA) in their everyday lives, has received far less attention. Therefore, ...

In: Social Indicators Research 153 (2021), 1, 227-250 | Dave Möwisch, Annette Brose, Florian Schmiedek

Voting after a major flood: Is there a link between democratic experience and retrospective voting?

We explore whether retrospective voting is related to voters’ democratic experience. To this end, we compare the voting behavior in West Germany to the voting behavior in the formerly non-democratic East Germany after a disaster relief program addressing a flood in 2013. Our analysis reveals a 2.2% (or 0.9 percentage points) increase in the vote share for the incumbent party in the flooded municipalities ...

In: European Economic Review 133 (2021), 103665 | Michael Neugart, Johannes Rode

Using a Mobile App When Surveying Highly Mobile Populations: Panel Attrition, Consent, and Interviewer Effects in a Survey of Refugees

Panel attrition poses major threats to the survey quality of panel studies. Many features have been introduced to keep panel attrition as low as possible. Based on a random sample of refugees, a highly mobile population, we investigate whether using a mobile phone application improves address quality and response behavior. Various features, including geo-tracking, collecting email addresses and adress ...

In: Social Science Computer Review (online first) (2021), | Jannes Jacobsen, Simon Kühne

Does Facilitated and Early Access to the Healthcare System Improve Refugees’ Health Outcomes? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Germany

Because of their often-dramatic, life-threatening flight patterns and resulting pronounced health disparities, many refugees have a great need for medical treatment after arrival to their host countries. In Germany, refugees whose asylum application is not approved or whose duration of stay has not yet exceeded 15 months must request doctor visits, with a considerable amount of bureaucracy, from the ...

In: International Migration Review (online first) (2021), | Philipp Jaschke, Yuliya Kosyakova

Wirtschaftskrise: Was uns Angst macht

Eine Rezession kostet viele Menschen den Job. Dass dieser Verlust schwer auf der Seele lastet, versteht sich von selbst. Doch die Sorge um den Arbeitsplatz hat bereits ähnlich gravierende Folgen.

In: Spektrum online, 2019-12-14 (2019), | Fanny Jiménez

Finanzielle Einbußen: Bei Jobverlust mit Anfang 50 droht die 81.000-Euro-Lücke

Der Verlust des Arbeitsplatzes kann die Gesundheit belasten und hohe finanzielle Verluste bringen. Besonders dramatisch sind die Auswirkungen allerdings für Betroffene zwischen 50 und 56. Forscher haben dafür vor allem eine Erklärung.

In: Welt online, 2019-08-24 (2019), | Tobias Kaiser

The interplay of domain-and life satisfaction in predicting life events

To better understand the occurrence of major changes in people´s lives like job changes or relocations, we test a model of motivational consequences of life and domain satisfaction using data of the German socio-economic panel study (SOEP) (waves 2005–2015; Ns between 2,201 and 28,720). We examined job and location changes as outcomes that people may actively initiate as a result of dissatisfaction ...

In: PLOS ONE 15 (2020), 9, e0238992 | Till Kaiser, Marie Hennecke, Maike Luhmann

Mindestlohn besser einhalten als erhöhen

Bis Juli 2022 steigt der Mindestlohn stufenweise von 9,35 auf 10,45 Euro – und viele fordern bereits einen Sprung auf 12 Euro. Was das für die Einkommensarmut und die Beschäftigung bedeuten würde, hat das IW mithilfe einer Simulation ausgerechnet.

In: iwd online, 2021-01-11 (2021), | o.V.
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