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The Effect of Self-Control and Financial Literacy on Impulse Borrowing: Experimental Evidence

This paper examines the effect of reduced self-control on impulsive borrowing in a laboratory experiment. We manipulate self-control using an ego depletion task and show that it is effective. Following the ego depletion task, participants can anonymously buy hot drinks on credit. We find no significant average effects, but find that treated individuals that have low financial literacy are more likely ...

DIW Discussion Paper 1950 | Antonia Grohmann, Jana S. Hamdan

Educational Assimilation of First-Generation and Second-Generation Immigrants in Germany

Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel for 1984–2018, we analyze the intergenerational education mobility of immigrants in Germany by identifying the determinants of differences in educational stocks for first- and second-generation immigrants in comparison to individuals without a migration background. Our results show that on average, first-generation immigrants have fewer years of schooling ...

In: Journal of International Migration and Integration (online first) (2021), | Thomas Gries, Margarete Redlin, Moonum Zehra

Going beyond values versus self-interest: whose attitudes change after employment transitions?

Are self-interest or presumably stable value orientations and other predispositions the main drivers behind social policy attitudes? This article contributes to this debate by moving away from its binary discussion. It differentiates between attitude changes driven by self-interest that are in line with pre-existing predispositions and those that are not. Empirically, this article focuses on changes ...

In: Political Research Exchange 2 (2020), 1, 1809473 | Nadja Wehl

Sozialforschung zu Immigration: Die Ressourcen der Toleranz

Gebildete Bürger sehen die Zuwanderung nach Deutschland gelassener, das haben Sozialwissenschaftler herausgefunden. Aber liegt das an ihrer Bildung?

In: Frankfurter Allgemeine online, 2021-08-19 (2021), | Gerald Wagner

Robust prediction of domain compositions from uncertain data using isometric logratio transformations in a penalized multivariate Fay–Herriot model

Assessing regional population compositions is an important task in many research fields. Small area estimation with generalized linear mixed models marks a powerful tool for this purpose. However, the method has limitations in practice. When the data are subject to measurement errors, small area models produce inefficient or biased results since they cannot account for data uncertainty. This is particularly ...

In: Statistica Neerlandica (online first) (2021), | Joscha Krause, Jan Pablo Burgard, Domingo Morales
DIW focus / 2021

Destination-language acquisition of recently arrived immigrants. Do refugees differ from other immigrants?

Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden Muster des Spracherwerbs von Neuzuwanderern beschrieben, welche in jüngerer Zeit nach Deutschland gekommen sind. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf dem Vergleich syrischer Geflüchteter mit Migranten aus Italien, Polen und der Türkei, die als Arbeitsmigranten, im Zuge der Familienzusammenführung oder für Bildungszwecke eingewandert sind. Die theoretischen Überlegungen beruhen auf ...

2021| Cornelia Kristen, Julian Seuring

VdK fordert Rente mit 63 für anstrengende Berufe

Der Sozialverband VdK warnt vor einer weiteren Anhebung des Renteneintrittsalters und fordert eine Bürgerversicherung in der gesetzlichen Rente. Seine Forderungen untermauert der VdK mit einer Studie des DIW. Besonders belastete Berufsgruppen sollen bereits mit 63 abschlagsfrei in Rente gehen können.

In: AssCompact online, 2021-08-17 (2021), | Thomas Kufner

SOEP-RV: Linking German Socio-Economic Panel Data to Pension Records

The aim of the project SOEP-RV is to link data from participants in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) survey to their individual Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance) records. For all SOEP respondents who give explicit consent to record linkage, SOEP-RV creates a linked dataset that combines the comprehensive multi-topic SOEP data with detailed cross-sectional and longitudinal ...

In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik (online first) (2021), | Holger Lüthen, Carsten Schröder, Markus M. Grabka, Jan Goebel, Tatjana Mika, Daniel Brüggmann, Sebastian Ellert, Hannah Penz

Revisiting marital health protection: Intraindividual health dynamics around transition to legal marriage

Objective: This study analyzes the dynamics of health associated with the transition to first marriage and remaining in marriage up to 24<U+2009>years in order to estimate the protective effect of heterosexual marriage (compared to being never married, including the unpartnered, partnered, and cohabiting) on physical, mental, and self-rated health. Background: Past research produced inconclusive ...

In: Journal of Marriage and Family (online first) (2021), | Malgorzata Mikucka, Oliver Arránz Becker, Christof Wolf

Can Facebook likes predict the purchase probability of electricity storage systems?

This study among owners of photovoltaic systems investigates whether users' Big Five personality traits derived from their Facebook likes contribute to whether or not they adopt an electricity storage. It is based on the finding that the digital footprint, especially the Facebook likes, can in part predict the personality of users better than friends and family. The survey was conducted among 159 Facebook ...

In: Social Network Analysis and Mining 11 (2021), 1, 79 | Stefan Poier
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