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Regret and Therapeutic Decisions in Multiple Sclerosis Care: Literature Review and Research Protocol

Background: Decisions based on erroneous assessments may result in unrealistic patient and family expectations, suboptimal advice, incorrect treatment, or costly medical errors. Regret is a common emotion in daily life that involves counterfactual thinking when considering alternative choices. Limited information is available on care-related regret affecting healthcare professionals managing patients ...

In: Frontiers in Neurology 12 (2021), 960, 675520 | Gustavo Saposnik, Guillermo Bueno-Gil, Ángel P. Sempere, Alfredo Rodríguez-Antigüedad, Beatriz del Río, Mar Baz, María Terzaghi, Javier Ballesteros, Jorge Maurino

Do Women Expect Wage Cuts for Part-Time Work?

Wage expectations for full- and part-time employment are key for understanding the labor supply decisions of women. However, whether women expect different wages between part-time and full-time work is not fully understood. Using German survey data, I quantify the expected full-time/part-time wage differential for a representative sample of female workers. I document that women, on average, expect ...

München und Berlin: Rationality and Competition, Collaborative Research Center Transregio 190, 2020,
(Discussion Paper No. 257)
| Annekatrin Schrenker

The Impact of Anti-Veiling Legislation on Employment Outcomes and Religiosity

Eight different European Union member countries and counting have policies that prevent residents from wearing the hijab, burqa, or niqab in public spaces. The practice of veiling itself has unique implications as a commitment mechanism and socioeconomic signal (Carvahlo, 2013), which suggest that anti-veiling legislation would decrease social integration between religious groups. I study the impacts ...

2021, | Alian P. Godoy

Impact of the EU Blue Card programme on cultural participation and subjective well-being of migrants in Germany

The first aim of this study is to investigate the role of the EU Blue Card programme implemented in 2012 in Germany. In particular, we aim to explore the impact on the participation in cultural activities of first-generation non-European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) migrants, such as attendance to cinema, concerts and theatre. The second aim is to examine the impact of cultural activities ...

In: PLOS ONE 16 (2021), 7, e0253952 | Eleftherios Giovanis, Sacit Hadi Akdede, Oznur Ozdamar

Der Volkswirt: Die Politiker und das Risiko

Spitzenpolitiker sind oft risikofreudiger, als man meint. In der Demokratie wird ihre persönliche Neigung gebremst – zum Glück.

In: Frankfurter Allgemeine online, 2021-08-30 (2021), | Ralph Hertwig, Gert G. Wagner

Three Essays on Labor Supply Focusing on Entrepreneurship and Health Insurance

This dissertation consists of three essays analyzing policies that affect different aspects of labor supply. Economists are interested in many different aspects of labor supply decisions, such as whether to participate in the labor market, amount of work conditional on participation and career choice, among others. At the same time, a wide range of policies can impact labor supply such as: tax, immigration, ...

2021, | Md. Mobarak Hossain

Interaktiv: Arbeiter und Migranten wählen links, Spitzenverdiener rechts? Von wegen

Vor 30 Jahren fühlten sich Arbeiter, Migranten oder Stadtbewohner noch mit ganz anderen Parteien verbunden als heute. Auch die Unterschiede zwischen Männern und Frauen werden immer grösser.

In: Neue Zürcher Zeitung online, 2021-08-07 (2021), | Simon Haas, Charlotte Eckstein

Do Concerns about Immigration Change after Adolescence? How Education and Critical Life Events Affect Concerns about Immigration

This study investigates whether critical life events that typically occur during early adulthood (i.e., labor market entry, unemployment, parenthood) impact concerns about immigration. Two mechanisms suggest that these critical life events lead to a widening of education-specific differences: First, the amplification of ethnic competition following critical life events may be more pronounced for individuals ...

In: European Sociological Review (online first) (2021), | Fabian Kratz

Arbeitsmarkt: Warum viele Mütter nicht arbeiten - obwohl sie wollen

Eine neue Studie zeigt einen bemerkenswerten Wandel im Selbstverständnis der Mütter in Deutschland: Nur noch eine Minderheit will nicht berufstätig sein. Doch viele Frauen können ihre Wünsche nicht umsetzen.

In: Süddeutsche Zeitung online, 2021-08-11 (2021), | Bernd Kramer

Optimism Gone Bad? The Persistent Effects of Traumatic Experiences on Investment Decisions

Do memories of highly emotional stock market crashes permanently affect the investment decisions of households? The Initial Public Offerings of Deutsche Telekom during 1996- 2000 provide an optimal base to address this question, as it is known for its emotional character and is reputedly “the last time Germans invested in stocks.” Using Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) household survey data, I show that ...

DIW Discussion Paper 1952 | Chi Hyun Kim
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