Emission Trading System in the Republic of Korea

Abteilung(en)/ Infrastruktureinrichtung
Aktuelles Projekt
seit/von 2016 bis 2018
European Commission
In Kooperation mit
ICF und viele weitere
Karsten Neuhoff
Ansprechpartner im DIW Berlin


The project aims to provide technical assistance to the Republic of Korea for the implementation of the Korean Emissions Trading System (KETS). The KETS will be a valuable tool to help Korea cost-effectively meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets, which is especially important since Korea has become the OECD's fastest-growing GHG emitter. DIW’s main role in the project so far was to give presentations and have discussions with Korean stakeholders at workshops in Seoul and in Berlin in order to get a better understanding of institutional specifics and lessons learned.