Soziales und Gesundheit

SOEPpapers (2019)

Living Conditions and the Mental Health and Well-being of Refugees: Evidence from a Representative German Panel Study

Lena Walther, Lukas M. Fuchs, Jürgen Schupp, Christian von Scheve
DIW Wochenbericht (2019)

Gebildetere Eltern, gesündere Kinder? Editorial

Daniel Graeber, Mathias Huebener, Jan Marcus, Daniel D. Schnitzlein
DIW Wochenbericht (2019)

Menschen mit niedriger gebildeter Mutter haben geringere Lebenserwartung

Mathias Huebener, Jan Marcus
DIW Wochenbericht (2019)

Nichtmonetäre Effekte von Bildung sind mindestens so wichtig wie monetäre: Interview

Daniel D. Schnitzlein, Erich Wittenberg
SOEPpapers (2019)

The Effect of Maternal Education on Offspring's Mental Health

Daniel Graeber, Daniel D. Schnitzlein
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

Non-Take-Up of Means-Tested Social Benefits in Germany

Michelle Harnisch
SOEPpapers (2019)

Life Expectancy and Parental Education in Germany

Mathias Huebener
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2019)

The Effect of a Ban on Gender-Based Pricing on Risk Selection in the German Health Insurance Market

Shan Huang, Martin Salm
20.05.2019, Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

Intergenerational Spillovers in Disability Insurance

27.05.2019, Berlin Applied Micro Seminar (BAMS)

Patient vs. Provider Incentives in Long-Term Care