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The Effects of a Parenting Program on Maternal Well-Being: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Georg F. Camehl, Christa Katharina Spiess, Kurt Hahlweg

In: The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy im Ersch. (2020), 26 S.


This paper evaluates how a light-touch parenting program for parents of children below school entry age affects maternal family well-being. We analyze data from a randomized controlled trial focusing on non-disadvantaged parents. Overall, results show no short-term effects but a relatively large positive effect of the intervention on maternal family well-being in the medium term. With a 20- to 30-percent standard deviation, the effects appearing three years after treatment are relatively large. Mechanisms such as improvements in child behavior are further explored.

JEL-Classification: I31;I26;J13;C21;C26
Keywords: Parenting program, family well-being, randomized controlled trial,Triple P
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