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Techno-Economic Criteria to Evaluate Power Flow Allocation Schemes

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Fabian Hofmann, Alexander Zerrahn, Carlos Gaete-Morales

Ithaca: arXiv.org, 2020, 28 S.
(arXiv ; 2005.03464)


We develop novel quantitative techno-economic evaluation criteria for power flow allocation schemes. Such schemes assign which nodes are responsible for which proportion of power flows on a line in a meshed electricity transmission network. As this allocation is, as such, indeterminate, the literature has proposed a number of dedicated schemes. To better understand the implications of applying different schemes, our criteria comprise their (i) fairness, (ii) plausibility, (iii) uniqueness, and (iv) stability. We apply, illustrate, and discuss these criteria for four prominent schemes based on results of a detailed electricity sector model with linear power flow for a German mid-term future case.