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Who Teaches the Teachers? A RCT of Peer-To-Peer Observation and Feedback in 181 Schools

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Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt, Gill Wyness

In: Economics of Education Review 82 (2021), 102091, 18 S.


This paper evaluates a widely used, low stakes, teacher peer-to-peer observation and feedback program under Randomized Control Trial (RCT) conditions. Half of 181 volunteer primary schools in England were randomly selected to participate in a two-year program in which three fourth and fifth grade teachers observed each other. We find that two cohorts of students taught by treated teachers perform no better on externally graded national tests compared to business as usual. However this masks large heterogeneity; in small schools, where there is only one class per grade, we find negative impacts of the training (0.1-0.18SD), whereas we find positive impacts in larger schools (0.06-0.17SD). We outline and explore potential mechanisms for this and conclude that centralised one-size-fits-all teacher training interventions may be harmful.

Felix Weinhardt

Research Associate in the Education and Family Department

JEL-Classification: I21;I28;M53
Keywords: Education, Teachers, RCT, Peer mentoring