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Geopolitical and Climate Risks Threaten Financial Stability and Energy Transitions

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Franziska M. Hoffart, Paola D’Orazio, Claudia Kemfert

In: Energy Proceedings 29 (2022), 9 S.


We propose a framework to unravel the hurdles and opportunities for the renewable energy transition in con-temporary crises to examine the interconnections be-tween energy transition, climate risks, and geopolitical issues. The study focuses on Germany and emphasizes that neglecting climate-related risks leads to financial in-stability and hampers the energy transition. If Paris-aligned energy and financial policies are not in place, further cascade (negative) effects on energy transitions may occur. Uncertainty and instability caused by geopolitical crises intensify negative feedback loops. Climate mitigation is thus critical because climate concerns affect financial stability and the orderly path of energy transitions.

Claudia Kemfert

Head of Department in the Energy, Transportation, Environment Department

Keywords: Climate change, climate-related financial risks, climate policy, energy transition, financial stability, geopolitical crisis