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Technological Relatedness and Industrial Transformation: Introduction to the Special Issue

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Sara Amoroso, Dario Diodato, Bronwyn H. Hall, Pietro Moncada-Paternò-Castello

In: The Journal of Technology Transfer 48 (2023), 3, S. 469–475


This article introduces eleven research articles that connect concepts of technological relatedness and diffusion with the transformation of industrial and innovation systems. These studies focus on the role of knowledge spillovers, regional variations in innovation and performance, and the evolution of new technologies, such as green and digital technologies. Regional capabilities and ability to diversify are key in accelerating the transformation process of existing industries. Taken all together, these studies suggest that industrial transformation hinge on firms capability to absorb domestic or foreign knowledge, regions capabilities, development trajectories, and their ability to network. In particular, regions capacity to diversify and leverage existing related knowledge are key in accelerating the green and digital transformation process of existing industries.

Sara Amoroso

Research Associate in the Entrepreneurship Department

Keywords: Technological spillovers, industrial specialization, industrial diversification, new technologies, industrial innovation