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Toward a Systemic Approach to Energy Transformation in Algeria

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Khadidja Sakhraoui, Albert K. Awopone, Christian von Hirschhausen, Noara Kebir, Redha Agadi

In: Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration 8 (2023), S. 365–379


This paper examines the drivers of Algeria's energy transformation as well as the cross-cutting issues and challenges in the transformation process. It suggests a framework that accelerates sustainable transformation based on the ideologies of systemic reasoning. Interviews were conducted with 20 energy experts in Algeria, along with a content analysis of policy documents, reports, and previous studies. The rate of government investment in the sector, level of awareness of the importance of the transition, nature of the market, and governance were revealed as critical drivers of Algeria's energy transformation process. However, the process is hindered by a highly centralized and less systemic approach to managing the transformation, unstable policies, low levels of awareness of the relevance of renewable energy (RE), and poor market regulation. The study recommends a set of target indicators for assessing Algeria's energy transformation across economic sustainability, sociopolitical, environmental, and market dimensions to facilitate sustainable attainment of the country's energy transformation pathway. It suggests, therefore, in its framework, that Algeria's current policy priorities, existing regulations, and market performance should be reviewed to facilitate the successful realization of the country's energy transformation.

Keywords: Energy transformation, renewable energy, energy policy, systems theory, energy transition