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Wassim Brahim

Wassim Brahim

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Graduate Center

Wassim is a PhD candidate at the DIW Graduate center. His primary interest within the realm of energy economics centers around the hydrogen market, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic interplay between the EU and North Africa. Additionally, he is deeply passionate about exploring strategies for the widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions in the global south to expedite the global energy transition and promote sustainable practices on a broader scale. Wassim holds a master degree a master degree in computer science from the University of Sousse. Previously, he served as a data scientist and researcher at the United Nations Information and Technology Accelerator for Cities (UNITAC) in Hamburg, where he engaged in numerous initiatives dedicated to data-driven sustainability in South Africa, Namibia, and Ukraine. His expertise extends beyond research, having also worked as a skilled consultant and data engineer for several renowned European corporations.

In addition to his work at DIW Berlin, he serves as a research fellow in the Energy Access Development program(EADP). He lends his insights and expertise to a multitude of research projects at the intersection of energy, political economy, and policy, further solidifying his commitment to making a meaningful impact especially in the global south.