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2. November 2023


Global Tax Evasion: How large is the problem and what to do about it?


2. November 2023
18:00 - 19:30 Uhr


Hertie School of Governance
Friedrichstr. 180
10117 Berlin


Gabriel Zucman, Gerhard Schick, Christian Traxler, Charlotte Bartels, Sarah Godar

Is global tax evasion falling or rising? Are new issues emerging, and if so, what are they? Have governments been effective in addressing tax evasion over the past 10 years? What has worked so far and what are some policies for the future?

Gabriel Zucman, founding director of the EU Tax Observatory, and Sarah Godar will present key result from the inaugural Global Tax Evasion Report. The report summarizes work conducted by more than 100 researchers worldwide to quantify the magnitude and dynamics of tax evasion – an unprecedented international research collaboration.

The report takes stock of the progress made in the fight against international tax evasion and provides a quantification of its different forms. Among other topics, it investigates the effects of recent international reforms – once deemed utopian – adopted over the past 10 years: the automatic international exchange of bank information and the international agreement on a global minimum tax for multinational corporations. Setting the policy agenda for the future, the report makes key proposals to address the remaining challenges.

Together with the two EU Tax researchers we discuss the report's results in a panel with Charlotte Bartels (DIW Berlin) and Gerhard Schick (NGO Finanzwende), chaired by Christian Traxler (Hertie School).

This event is organised by the Hertie School, in collaboration with EU Tax Observatory and supported by DIW Berlin.


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