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Data Fusion to Compensate for Insufficient Survey Coverage: Example of the German National PKT-Model

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Tobias Kuhnimhof, Katja Köhler, Christine Eisenmann, Uwe Kunert, Sabine Radke

In: Transportation Research Procedia 76 (2024), S. 491-504


This paper presents a data fusion approach combining German National Travel Survey data with aggregate transport indicators such as passenger counts in order to generate annual passenger kilometers travelled (PKT) for the German National Transport Statistics. To cover all travel adequately, the model combines two MiD data sets (a 24-hour-trip diary and an overnight journey questionnaire) and includes a multidimensional weighting process in order to comply with official tertiary data (e.g. official passenger counts, VKT). The data set offers countless data analysis options and shows how insufficient survey data can be updated and upgraded.