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Provider Effects in Antibiotic Prescribing: Evidence from Physician Exits

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Shan Huang, Hannes Ullrich

In: Journal of Human Resources (2024), im Ersch. [online first: 2024-05-08]


In the fight against antibiotic resistance, reducing antibiotic consumption while preserving healthcare quality presents a critical health policy challenge. We investigate the role of practice styles in patients’ antibiotic intake using exogenous variation in patient-physician assignment. Practice style heterogeneity explains 49% of the differences in overall antibiotic use and 83% of the differences in second-line antibiotic use between primary care providers. We find no evidence that high prescribing is linked to better treatment quality or fewer adverse health outcomes. Policies improving physician decision-making, particularly among high-prescribers, may be effective in reducing antibiotic consumption while sustaining healthcare quality.

Hannes Ullrich

Deputy Head of Department in the Firms and Markets Department

Topics: Health

JEL-Classification: I11;J44;I12