Die Veranstaltungen der Abteilung Energie, Verkehr, Umwelt
23. - 24. April 2018

Seminar Beyond Coal, Gas and Oil
Designing a Socially Just and Economically Viable Phase-Out

Doctoral colloquium of the Leibniz Research Alliance on Energy Transitions

April 23rd - 24th, 2018
at the German Institute for Economic Research, DIW-Berlin

The Leibniz Research Alliance on Energy Transitions regularly hosts doctoral colloquiums on specific topics relevant to energy transitions with one or more of its member institutes. The colloquium provides an opportunity for doctoral researchers to present their research questions, goals, designs and methods (and possibly also results), and discuss them with an interdisciplinary audience at an early point in their career. The colloquium is open to doctoral candidates at any stage of their dissertation project.

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Mo 09.30 AM - 06.00 PM
Thu 09.00 AM - 04.30 PM
im DIW Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 89789 529