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Short- and Mid-Term Effects of a Parenting Program on Maternal Well-Being

Georg F. Camehl, C. Katharina Spieß, Kurt Hahlweg

What Makes an Employer?

Marco Caliendo, Frank M. Fossen, Alexander S. Kritikos

The Myth of Equal Opportunity in Germany?

Valentina S. Consiglio, Denisa M. Sologon

Occupational Mobility in Europe: Extent, Determinants, and Consequences

Ronald Bachmann, Peggy Bechara, Christina Vonnahme

Risk Aversion and the Teaching Profession

Adam Ayaita, Kathleen Stürmer

A Practical Guide for the Computation of Domain-Level Estimates with the Socio-Economic Panel (And Other Household Surveys)

Natascha Hainbach, Christoph Halbmeier, Timo Schmid, Carsten Schröder

Psychological Distress among Refugees in Germany – a Representative Study on Individual and Contextual Risk Factors and the Potential Consequences of Poor Mental Health for Integration in the Host Country

Lena Walther, Hannes Kröger, Ana Nanette Tibubos, Thi Minh Tam Ta, Christian von Scheve, Jürgen Schupp, Eric Hahn, Malek Bajbouj
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