Levent Neyse, Ph.D.

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Theory and Decision

Income inequality and risk taking: The impact of social comparison information

2019 | U. Schmidt, L. Neyse, M. Aleknonyte
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

It`s all about gains: Risk preferences in problem gambling

2018 | P. Ring, C. Probst, L. Neyse, S. Wolff, C. Kaernbach, T. van Eimeren, C. F. Camerer, U. Schmidt
Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

Risk preferences and predictions about others: No association with 2D:4D ratio

2018 | K. L. Miranda, L. Neyse, U. Schmidt
Nature Scientific Reports

Overconfidence, Incentives and Digit Ratio

2016 | L. Neyse, S. Bosworth, P. Ring



The Minimum Wage and Fair Wage Perceptions

Johannes König, Carsten Schröder, Levent Neyse
Berlin, 20.02.2019
| SOEP Brown Bag Seminar