Maternal Life Satisfaction and Child Outcomes – Are They Related? | PDF, 179.08 KB

The Impact of Interviewers’ Personality on Measurement Error | PDF, 159.79 KB

Correlations in Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes | PDF, 225.4 KB

Do Smart Parents Raise Smart Children? The Intergenerational Transmission of Cognitive Abilities | PDF, 187.94 KB

Women and Men in Management Positions in Germany | PDF, 181.52 KB

Regional Effects on the Gender Pay Gap in Germany | PDF, 156.39 KB

A Natural Experiment on Sick Pay Cuts, Sickness Absence, and Labor Costs | PDF, 253.33 KB

Life Satisfaction Shows Terminal Decline in Old Age | PDF, 223.52 KB

Family Relationships and Behavioral Outcomes in the SOEP | PDF, 246.24 KB


Women’s labor force participation and life satisfaction | PDF, 194.72 KB

Does distance determine who attends a university in Germany? | PDF, 361.66 KB

Private Pension Savings: Influenced by Risk Aversion? | PDF, 411.1 KB

Set-point Theory, Authentic Happiness Theory and Religion | PDF, 252.37 KB

Gender, Migration, Remittances: Evidence from Germany | PDF, 232.95 KB

Representative wealth data for Germany: The impact of imputation and the choice of the aggregation unit | PDF, 364.52 KB

The Returns to Cognitive Abilities and Personality in Germany | PDF, 302.74 KB

Redistributive Impacts of Government and Private Household Activities | PDF, 278.11 KB

Would a Flat Tax Stimulate Entrepreneurship in Germany? A Behavioural Microsimulation Analysis Allowing for Risk | PDF, 178.38 KB

Non-Take-Up of Social Assistance in Germany – A Longitudinal Perspective | PDF, 271.19 KB

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Weit weg von der Uni – weit weg von der Bildung? | PDF, 289.88 KB

Beschäftigte in Managementfunktionen in Deutschland | PDF, 180.34 KB

Risikoeinstellung und Vertrauen im Vergleich Deutschland und USA | PDF, 164.59 KB

Die Anhängerschaft der Parteien im Wandel | PDF, 198.11 KB

Entwicklung der Einkommensverteilung und Armut in Deutschland | PDF, 186.56 KB

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