VdF: Best Publication Prize 2005

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Best Scientific Publication

First Prize:

Thomas A. DiPrete (Columbia University, USA) and Henriette Engelhardt (Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria)
Estimating Causal Effects with Matching Methods in the Presence and Absence of Bias Cancellation
In: Sociological Methods & Research 32 (4), 2004, 501-528
Prize money: 1000 €

Second Prizes:

John A. Bishop (East Carolina University, USA), Victor K. Chow (West Virginia University, USA), and Lester A. Zeager (East Carolina University, USA)
Decomposing Lorenz and Concentration Curves
In: International Economic Review, 44(3), 2003, 965-978
Prize money: 600 €

Amelie Constant (IZA Bonn, Germany) and Douglas S. Massey (Princeton University, USA)
Return Migration by German Guestworkers: Neoclassical versus New Economic Theories
In: International Migration, 40(4), 2002, 5-38
Prize money: 600 €

Best Junior Publication

First Prize:

Paul Frijters (University of Melbourne, Australia), John P. Haisken-DeNew (RWI Essen, Germany), and Michael A. Shields (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Investigating the Patterns and Determinants of Life Satisfaction in Germany Following Reunification
In: Journal of Human Resources 39 (3), 2004, 649-673
Prize money: 1000 €

Second Prizes:

Markus Gangl (University of Mannheim, Germany)
Welfare States and the Scar Effects of Unemployment: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and West Germany
In: American Journal of Sociology 109(6), 2004, 1319-1364
Prize money: 600 €

Philippe Van Kerm (Centre for population, poverty and public policy studies (CEPS/INSTEAD), Luxembourg)
What Lies Behind Income Mobility? Reranking and Distributional Change in Belgium, Western Germany and the USA
In: Economica 71 (282), 2004, 223-239
Prize money: 600 €

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Best Policy Papers

Claudia Borchard-Tuch (2004): Unzufrieden ohne Job.
die tageszeitung vom 29.10.2004
Prize money: 300 €

Dirk Horstkötter und Rainer Hübner (2004): Verteilter Wohlstand.
Capital, Heft 20, S. 18-24
Prize money: 300 €

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