Firms and Markets

The Firms and Markets department studies current developments in the field of empirical industrial economics. Using micro firm data, the department looks at issues involving:

Markets and Competition
Productivity and Innovation

The Department

The “Firms and Markets” department analyzes the determinants of firms’ strategic behavior and its effects on competition, efficiency, and productivity as well as the institutional and political framework in which firms operate. A particular focus is given to studying the effectiveness of those economic policies that affect the firms’ incentives and the functioning of markets, such as regulations as well as competition, industrial and innovation policies.

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Research Projects

An updated and detailed overview about the department's current research activities is in preparation.
Research activities


1 March 2019, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Global Terror, Well-Being and Political Attitudes

15 March 2019, Berlin IO Day

The 11th Berlin IO Day

12 April 2019, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Family Time Allocations over the last Half Century

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