Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2017)

Competition between For-Profit and Industry Labels: The Case of Social Labels in the Coffee Market

Pio Baake, Helene Naegele
DIW Economic Bulletin (37 / 2017)

Gender Parity in German Politics: Further Effort Required

Daniela Arregui Coka, Ronny Freier, Johanna Mollerstrom
DIW Wochenbericht (37 / 2017)

Genderparität in der deutschen Politik: Weitere Bemühungen nötig

Daniela Arregui Coka, Ronny Freier, Johanna Mollerstrom
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2017)

Is Socially Responsible Production a Normal Good?

Jana Friedrichsen
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The Competition and Consumers department utilizes approaches from experimental and behavioral economics, and industrial organization, to better understand how human economic decision making and markets function.

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22 September 2017, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Choosing to Compete Against Self or Others - Gender Differences

22 September 2017, Brown Bag Seminar Cluster Industrial Economics

Measuring Unilateral Effects of Common Ownership in the German Car Market

1 December 2017, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

The Hidden Side of Dynamic Pricing: Evidence from the Airline Market

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