DIW Economic Bulletin (33/34/35 / 2017)

Income, Social Support Networks, Life Satisfaction: Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals in Germany

Martin Kroh, Simon Kühne, Christian Kipp, David Richter
DIW Wochenbericht (35 / 2017)

Einkommen, soziale Netzwerke, Lebenszufriedenheit: Lesben, Schwule und Bisexuelle in Deutschland

Martin Kroh, Simon Kühne, Christian Kipp, David Richter
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2017)

Status Inequality, Moral Disengagement and Violence

Armin Falk
DIW Economic Bulletin (27 / 2017)

Income Groups and Types of Employment in Germany since 1995

Peter Krause, Christian Franz, Marcel Fratzscher
DIW Economic Bulletin (28/29 / 2017)

Risk Weighting for Government Bonds: Challenge for Italian Banks

Dominik Meyland, Dorothea Schäfer
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The main task of the Research Infrastructure SOEP is planning, carrying out, and editing the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) study. This wide-ranging longitudinal survey started in 1984 and currently covers about 30,000 individuals living in almost 11,000 private households.
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30 Waves of SOEP

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22 November 2017, SOEP Brown Bag Seminar

Sensitivity Analysis of Real Income Growth in the SOEP

22 November 2017, Cluster-Seminar Public Finances and Living Conditions

The Effect of Parental Leave Policies in Frictional Labor Markets

1 December 2017, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

The Hidden Side of Dynamic Pricing: Evidence from the Airline Market

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