Research Project

The post 2020 framework for investments in renewable generation in Europe

Department(s)/ Research Infrastructure
Climate Policy
Project Status
Completed Project
Project Duration
since/from 2012 to 2013
Commissioned by
Smart Energy for Europe Platform GmbH
Project Manager
Karsten Neuhoff
Project Team/Contacts at DIW Berlin


Project description

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Diskussionspapiere extern (2013)

Ensuring Renewable Electricity Investments: 14 Policy Principles for a Post-2020 Perspective

Raffaele Piria, Arturo Lorenzoni, Catherine Mitchell, Christof Timpe, Corinna Klessmann, Gustav Resch, Helmuth Groscurth, Karsten Neuhoff, Mario Ragwitz, Pablo del Río Gonzalez, Richard Cowart, Uwe Leprich