Mobility 2025: The impact of income, mobility costs and demography 

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Energy, Transportation, Environment
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Completed Project
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Co-operation: Stefan Schneider (DB Research), Ingo Rollwagen (DB Research), Prof. Dr. Stefan Hradil (Uni Mainz), Josef Köster (BMW)
Project Manager
Uwe Kunert
Project Team/Contacts at DIW Berlin


The expected decline in inhabitants and the ageing of the population will have an impact on all areas of the society. Whereas the influence on an ageing population on the social security system, in particular the health care and retirement insurance system, is broadly discussed, the effects on the domestic demand and the consumption structure are scarcely analysed. The aim of this project is to analyse the impact of demographic and economic development on the demand of transport goods and services until 2025. The estimation takes into account the demographic changes, the rise in educational attainment, the rise in labour force participation, the development of income by income sources, the changes in costs related to transport services and goods as well as changes in mobility behaviour.