Research Project

Economics and regulation of the postal industry

Department(s)/ Research Infrastructure
Competition and Consumers
Project Status
Completed Project
Project Duration
since/from 2007 to 2009
Commissioned by
International Post Corporation
In Cooperation with
DIW econ GmbH
Project Manager
Pio Baake
Project Team/Contacts at DIW Berlin


In the project „Economics and regulation of the postal industry“, current questions concerning the economics and the regulation of postal markets should be investigated. Especially against the background of the current liberalisation process of the postal markets in the European Union, it should be analysed, what implications on competition result and how regulation should be advanced. Thereby, aspects of firms´ strategies, options to ensure the Universal Service and requirements concerning the quality of the postal service should be considered. As a result, the project aims to identify the most important challenges and yield policy advice.

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