Prof. Dr. Christian Dreger

Prof. Dr. Christian Dreger
Research Director
International Economics
Field(s) of work
Globalization and European integration Financial markets and economic growth Model development and methods

    Publications at DIW Berlin

    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (3 / 2018)

    Do Regional Trade Agreements Stimulate FDI? Evidence for the Agadir, MERCOSUR and AFTA Regions

    Mondher Cherif, Christian Dreger
    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (2 / 2018)

    The End of Cheap Labor: Are Foreign Investors Leaving China?

    Julian Donaubauer, Christian Dreger
    DIW Wochenbericht (11 / 2018)

    Weltwirtschaft und Euroraum: Expansion setzt sich fort, verliert aber etwas Schwung: Grundlinien der Wirtschaftsentwicklung im Frühjahr 2018

    Ferdinand Fichtner, Guido Baldi, Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Hella Engerer, Stefan Gebauer, Malte Rieth
    Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2018)

    Early Warning System of Government Debt Crises

    Christian Dreger, Konstantin A. Kholodilin
    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (1 / 2018)

    Local and Spatial Cointegration in the Wage Curve – a Spatial Panel Analysis for German Regions

    Reinhold Kosfeld, Christian Dreger

    Lectures at DIW Berlin

  • Vortrag Alternative Geld- und Finanzarchitekturen : Jahrestagung 2017 des Vereins für Socialpolitik
    Wien, Österreich, 03.09.2017 - 06.09.2017

    Financial Globalization and Spillovers
    Christian Dreger

  • Vortrag Crisis Resilience of the Euro Area : Workshop of the Leibniz Research Alliance Crises in a Globalised World
    Berlin, 10.04.2017

    Early Warning Systems for Periods of Fiscal Distress
    Christian Dreger, Konstantin A. Kholodilin

  • Vortrag ASSA 2016 : Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting
    San Francisco, USA, 03.01.2016 - 05.01.2016

    The Impact of Economic Sanctions and Oil Prices on the Ruble and Hryvnia
    Jan Fidrmuc, Christian Dreger, Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Dirk Ulbricht

  • Vortrag Asian Development Bank
    Tokio, Japan, 17.12.2015

    Short and Long Run Growth Perspectives in Europe and Asia
    Christian Dreger

  • Vortrag International Economics : 8th FIW-Research Conference
    Wien, Österreich, 03.12.2015 - 04.12.2015

    The Ruble between the Hammer and the Anvil : Oil Prices and Economic Sanctions
    Christian Dreger

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    CV - Short Version

    Christian Dreger holds a doctoral and habilitation degree in economics from the University of Kassel and is Professor for Macroeconomics at Viadrina University, Frankfurt/Oder. He has extensive research and teaching experience in statistics, econometrics, time series analysis, forecasting, business cycle analysis and monetary policy. He has published extensively in leading international journals in the relevant fields. His main areas of expertise are structural macroeconometric modeling, international business cycle analysis, monetary policy and financial markets, the impact of the Chinese economic integration and the economics of the euro area. He is a member of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network, American Economic Association, Econometric Society and Western Economic Association. He has extensive experience of coordinating national and international projects.